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Sand Molds for Kids


A very important add-on to any kinetic sand set is those sand molds for kids.

They would engage better and be busier with these tools.

Sand molds for kids

USA Toyz Sand Molds - 23pk Mini Sandbox Toys

USA Toyz Sand Molds - 23pk Mini Sandbox Toys, Sand Castle Building Kit Compatible with Any Molding Sand

This USA Toyz sand molds set has 23 mini magic sand toy that includes 18 sand castle molds and 5 sand tools like sealife designs and 5 sculpting tools for rolling, shaping, and cutting.

These molds would work to all the leading brands out there. Let your kids freely create and mold their numerous selection of designs.

All the molds and tools are non-toxic, BPA-free plastic sandbox toys that measure between 2" and 4", and are safe for boys and girls ages 3 and above.


  • There is a nicely sized play tray to mold on as well
  • The molds are adorable and are of high quality
  • Provides lots of fun for toddlers
  • The roller tool is clever, rolls well, and can make at least 5 different imprints
  • It has bright colors and sturdy materials


  • The smaller molds are sturdier than the larger ones
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Thinking Putty has its share of followers in the market. It's one of the available sensory toys that are more than just a toy. It's a great way to relieve stress, a calming tool that could serve as an attention aid and assisting in physical therapy for the wrists and hands.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty SCENTSory Tins Gift Set Bundle

Crazy Aaron

This Crazy Aaron's thinking putty is the coolest gift set with 7 different 88oz ScentSory tropical tins that includes the favorites like DreamAway, SeaKissed, WildTiki, JungAloha, TropicGo, SunSational, SplashCooler, and a Bonus bag.

Its goal is just beyond its texture and scent but also to provide a total sensory experience that's remarkable. It would offer the senses with the much-needed relaxation.

You could stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it, and sculpt it, and forget all your blues away.

It's made in the USA from non-toxic silicone that would never dry out and it's gluten-free, latex-free, and just amazing!

For ages 3 and upwards.


  • The scent is perfectly calming and long-lasting
  • This putty has a nice texture and is good to use to exercise my hands
  • It would help kids and adults to concentrate and relax
  • All have very nice scents and not too overpowering
  • Great sensory aid and toy


  • It's quite expensive but worth it
Where to buy:

How to remove Thinking Putty from clothes

It would be easy to successfully remove the thinking putty in your clothes by positioning it over the sink, and you need to generously pour some rubbing alcohol over the stain. 

Get a paper towel or a piece of cloth to rub-off the putty with the alcohol. You would soon see that the putty is turning to liquid and dripping off from the clothes.

Sand sensory bins and tables are must-haves aside from the cute molds to have a satisfying, great time with sand.

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