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MTG all sets


The MTG all sets come in five concept colors. 

White stands for order, peace, and light, and draws mana from plains. White planeswalkers could summon individually weak characters but are collectively strong as a group such as soldiers, as well as powerful creatures and leaders that could leave buffs across all of the player's creatures. 

The spells in the white color are focused on healing or preventing damage, protecting their allies, and neutralizing advantages on the battlefield by their opponents.

Blue stands for intellect, logic, manipulation, and trickery, and pulls its mana from islands. Its magic is typically drawn from the classical elements of air and water. 

A lot of the spells could interact or interfere with the opponent's spells as well as with the general flow of the game. Blue's magic is likewise known for control that would allow the player to gain temporary or full control of the opponent's creatures. Blue creatures often tend to be weak but are very evasive and difficult to target.

Black symbolizes power, death, corruption, and sacrifice, drawing mana from swamps. Many of Black's creatures are undead, and several can be sacrificed to make other creatures more powerful to destroy the opponent's creatures or permanents, or other effects. 

Black creatures could be able to draw the life taken in an attack back to their caster, or might even be able to kill creatures through a death touch effect. Black's spells usually need to coerce a  sacrifice by the player or their opponent through cards or life.

Red symbolizes freedom, chaos, fury, and warfare, and getting its power from mountains. Its powers are associated with the classical fire and earth elements and are attested to have the strongest spells such as fireballs that could be powered-up by tapping additional mana when cast. 

Red is an offense-oriented class with addition to powerful creatures like dragons, red planeswalkers could summon the weak creatures that could strike quickly to gain the short-term edge over their enemies.

Green represents the color of life, nature, evolution, and indulgence, drawing mana from forests. Green has the widest array of creatures to draw upon, ranging across all power levels.

Green could be able to dominate the battlefield with many of its creatures at play at once. Green creatures and spells could generate life points and mana, and could also gain maximum strength through its spells.

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