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Know your Cards in MTG


There are various types of card colors, and there are also various types of card types, each with their mechanics and rules about how they work:

Creature - The most basic attacker and defender of them all. A creature’s spell could be anything from a demonic imp to the most pious angel. Each creature would come with their attack and defense rating in the bottom right corner that would show how powerful the creature is and could be.

Each creatures' additional abilities are listed on the card. These numbers and words helpfully form the creature you’ve summoned to gain the victory on your behalf.

Sorcery - A sorcery is a spell you could cast directly from your hand with a one-time effect that is discarded afterward. You may only play sorceries on your turn.

Instant - It’s quite similar to sorcery but an instant is also played from your hand for a one-time effect. The only difference is that you could play this spell on your turn or your opponent’s turn. This gives the game an extra added dimension that would allow you to interact with your opponent even when it’s not your turn yet.

Enchantment - It’s very much the same and also works like a spell or sorcery but it could stay in play indefinitely until your opponent can find a way to dispel it. Other enchantments can also include creature enchantments that continually buff or debuff a card until it dispelled or the creature is terminated.

Artifact - An artifact works in the same way as an enchantment but the difference lies in a card that usually represents a physical object rather than a magical spell. Other artifacts can also include equipment, which can make your creatures even stronger. Unlike creature enchantments, equipment stays in play even if the creature is terminated or defeated.

Planeswalker - There are times that you’ll need some help from your friends. These ultra-powerful cards represent other Planeswalkers just like you who have come to your rescue to help you win your battle. These cards come with tokens and work much differently than your more traditional Magic card. 

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