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Magic the Gathering Ravnica Booster Box


The next magic game to take Mtg by storm is the Magic the Gathering Ravnica booster.  There are Guilds of Ravnica spoiler that reveals what most likely is incoming in the Guilds of Ravnica.

Guilds of Ravnica spoiler

What’s in store with the Guilds of Ravnica key art?  This particular piece features Vraska, the Planeswalker Gorgon.  We had last left Vraska at the tail end of the Ixalan story where she voluntarily asked that all her memories wiped clean by new friend Jace.  Upon returning as an agent of Bolas, she was granted leadership of the Golgari Guild for services rendered.  This new art appears to be in the Golgari underworld, with Vraska looking to be quite an at ease, perhaps in new position.  

Could there be a Ravnica / Thor crossover?  The little beastly pet that Vraska has in her arms looks very suspiciously like Miek, Korg's BFF in Thor Ragnarok.

Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Booster Box

Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica Booster Box

Be loyal to your guild and stand by it. Ravnica is one of Magic’s most beloved settings, where guilds jockey for power and control and multicolored cards show up in force. New takes on Ravnica classics like Guildmages and split cards await.

This Magic the Gathering Ravnica boosters are 36 booster packs of Guilds of Ravnica, the follow-up to the hit expansions Core Set 2019 and Dominaria. Each booster pack contains 15 Magic cards that total to 540 cards. Pick your favorites, put them in your deck, and battle!


  • You’ll be blown away by the quality
  • Great special lands, unique common and uncommon card
  • This set makes for some crazy deck building variations
  • Best buy ever
  • Perfect gift for magic freaks
  • Amazing pics on all of the cards
  • One of the better series release


  • A few had miscut  and defective cards in this booster box
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