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How to make yard size Jenga?


The classic Jenga is the ideal family size Jenga for indoor gathering and times with your loved ones while the adult size Jenga is more likely the yard size Jenga. Adults would be more careful as compared to young kids.  Teens would also enjoy a game as well.

A yard size Jenga is the perfect sand blocks game. Each of the Jumbo Jenga blocks measures 7.15" X 2.38" X 1.43"

The Giant Jenga cost over a hundred dollars and some people would prefer building their own.

Visit the link to find out how to make yard size Jenga.

Here's a yard size Jenga available for you to purchase online.

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers with carrying case starts at 2.5-feet tall and builds to 5-feet

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers with carrying case starts at 2.5-feet tall and builds to 5-feet

This Yard games Ginat tumbling timbers include 56 timber blocks measuring 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches and stacks up to 19 levels high! There are two extra blocks for added height and for best packing and storage purposes too.

It's made from sustainably sourced New Zealand Pine wood blocks that are hand sanded to be smooth, easy handling and setup for each game play.

To complete the package is high-quality and durable nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport. Enjoy this stacking tower and have fun-filled playing time!


  • Great lightweight blocks
  • Very tough, durable, and smooth blocks
  • It offers great family fun
  • A lot of fun for the right price
  • It comes with a sleek carrying case
  • Super cute and the blocks are well made and have softened edges for no splinters


  • It's not super big but it' still cool
Where to buy:

Read about the Jenga record height in our article.

Here are the life size Jenga rules in lawn Jenga

The turns would go in alphabetical order with all players playing

On your every turn, you need to carefully remove a block from anywhere below the highest completed level; then you have to stack it on top of the tower, with the right angles to the blocks just below

Remove and stack only one block every turn.

Use only one hand at a time every time you remove a block

You could switch hands whenever you desire

You could touch and try other blocks to find a loose one

You must fix a block you moved out of place when trying it out using one hand before you could touch another block

You always need to complete a level before starting a higher one

Your turn would end 7 seconds after you stack your block or as soon as the next player touches a block in play

Keep going to remove and stack the blocks until the tower collapses

You only have a 45 second time limit to remove a block in your every turn

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