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How to choose the best marble maze


There are six things that you should consider in choosing the best marble maze for your kid.

Choose one for his age - Age recommendation is very important. It simply means it's designed and made for that age bracket. They should be fun and at the same time safe for the kids. Normally, a marble run is not safe below 3. Make sure you provide strict supervision If you consider buying a marble run for your kid below 3

Look into the number of pieces it includes - All marble run mazes differ in the number of pieces in it. Check the pieces it includes and the number as well. Older kids would want a bigger set to make it more challenging for them.

The number of pieces would not always equate to its difficulty since there are sets with a high number of pieces, and yet they are still very easy for kids to assemble. 

Check the number of marbles - All of the marble runs include marbles and some might have lesser marbles in them. Knowing how many marbles the set includes would make you be prepared if you need to purchase more marbles.

See its difficulty level - There are levels of difficulty in every marble run. Some are very simple while others offer a more complex assembling. Find something simpler if it's your kid's first marble run. It will be reverse if your kid is into marble runs. You could buy something complicated to keep him stimulated.

What's the size of the marble run? - The size itself of each marble runs vary. Check the dimension and see if it's the perfect fit for your kid and the space in your home. 

Are the colors great? - Marble run mazes are generally colorful and come in a lot of colors. The best are the brighter colors to offer better sensory color stimulation. 

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