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Jenga Party Edition Questions


There’s never a shortage of Jenga game ideas that come in this Jenga wood block game.

One cool concept is a Jenga party game that comes with questions in it.

Jenga party edition questions

Other stacking games are available that’s not under Jenga. They are generally called tumbling towers or wooden block tower game. But, If you want the original, make sure you purchase from Hasbro, who is the licensed marketer of Jenga.

There are also lots of varieties of wooden stacking game. Brightly-colored ones with cute designs that are ideal for younger children. There is also several drinking tumble tower with tasks or questions in them.

Open Spaces Totika Self Esteem Game With 48 Question Card Deck

Open Spaces Totika Self Esteem Game With 48 Question Card Deck - A Game of Fun, Skill and Communication

This Open Spaces Totika tower self-esteem game with 48 question card deck would be a great stacking block game for parties and gatherings. The drinking tower stacking games have tasks and there also a truth and dare type.

This Totika self-esteem game has the same game concept and rules as Jenga but each color block you pull points to a question color on the card deck, each player will then choose another player to answer the question before moving on to the next turn.

It’s a social game with questions that would encourage the young people to explore stories regarding self-confidence, healthy growth and development, setting and achieving goals, valuing self, and overcoming life challenges in a fun atmosphere.

It includes a 48 question self-esteem card deck and 48 colored blocks.


  • The game has a great concept
  • Great ice breaker at parties or just family fun to open up talking points for discussion
  • The question on the cards is really interesting because most of them never crossed mind to ask
  • Highly recommend for building relationships
  • It is fun and therapeutic at the same time


  • The game does not come in a tin box to store the pieces
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