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Jenga Block Stacking Problems


There are some minor block-stacking problems you could encounter until you find the best and proper way to stack your Jenga.

What are some of Jenga’s block-stacking problems?

Jenga is a fun stacking wood blocks game that could be played by anyone of any age that requires only a minimum amount of skill. It’s a game where you pull out blocks using only one hand to put the block on top and avoiding for the tower to collapse.

There’s a cardboard box in Jenga to help stack it. But there are still some block-stacking problems with it for some.

Some people try putting the cardboard in the horizontal side on the top, but it gets in the way of placing the blocks and doesn't help much with the stability of the tower. And others tried putting the cardboard on the bottom and it's more stable, but the irony is you can't get it out when it's time to play.

The solution? Simple, you could set the cardboard guide on its side and fill it with the blocks. Then, simply lift one side so that it's right-side up. 

Or you make the stack without using the insert. You could put the cardboard insert over the stack with the horizontal bit on the top. Then you need to push all the blocks into the insert to make sure they're all erected straight. For the final step, you need to take the insert out, and you could start playing.

Here’s a product that could help you with your stacking problems.

Hogar Wood Block Tower Stacking Tray Game Accessory

Hogar Wood Block Tower Stacking Tray Game Accessory Ages 6 to Adult - Compatible with Tipsy Tower, Lewo, WE Games and More

This Hogar Wood Block Tower Stacking Tray Game Accessory is compatible with Jenga and other block stacking games.

The Stacking Tray is solid and it does not bend thus making it easier to stack and set up the blocks for the following game. You’ll be assured that your bocks would stay in place until you load it on the table. It’s also very durable and long-lasting.


  • You wouldn’t  want to play Jenga without it  
  • It makes stacking super fast
  • It makes for stacking the blocks a breeze and keeping them tight easy
  • This very sturdy stacker sleeve
  • This is so convenient and works well
  • Simple to use and it’s not expensive.


  • No negative reviews so far
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