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Things to put on Jenga blocks


There are countless things to put into your Jenga blocks. You could put in some funny commands and tasks that each player could do when they pulled a block out.

Another is to use it as a Jenga workout where you could put workout routines in each block. A person would do the exercise or workout in the block that was pulled.

It would be fun to use it with your kids too. You could write chores in the blocks. Each block that has a chore in it should be done by your kids.

BuzzBlocks an Advanced Twist Blocks

BuzzBlocks an Advanced Twist to The Classic Wooden Stacking Game, Top Educational Toy Building Set for Kids, 54 Pieces with #1 Superior Bundle & Premium Packaging, 1 or More Players Ages 6 and Up

The Buzzblocks is a fun-filled block game with a lot of twists and challenges written on the blocks. It's designed to be enjoyed by all ages. It has advanced features such as color and number dice, yellow and black colored blocks, Buzz challenge blocks, and challenge mode.

This superiorly made set comes complete with 54 premium, precision-crafted, colored hardwood blocks, 2 game dice; a handy stacking sleeve with instructions; and a large carry container.

It has a large and sturdy cylinder container for easy storage and transport that makes it even more special.


  • The rules are simple to follow and the challenges make it enjoyable for all ages.
  • It's perfect for game night
  • All the pieces pack up nicely in the container
  • A super fun twist on the original block game
  • The skips and challenges make it a more competitive game.
  • It is a great family fun game for all ages


  • No negative reviews so far
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