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What are the latest Jenga ideas that are very popular now?


Since it first came out, Jenga remains to be one of the most favored game to add cheers and enliven any gatherings. It's a genius conceptualized toy that's easy to play that brings so much fun for both kids and adults. 

Jenga, through the years, evolved and transformed into numerous versions, a giant-sized one, colorful ones, and educational-themed blocks. The lists could go on and what started as a tumbling block game is now used in other versatile and flexible purposes.

Eventually Jenga transformed into a few types: enormous bricks for building a huge tower, mini-blocks, and colorful sets used specifically for educational purposes.

It could be used as a décor aside from using it at play.

OnDisplay 3D Luxe Acrylic Stacking Tower

OnDisplay 3D Luxe Acrylic Stacking Tower Puzzle Game, Clear

This 3D Luxe Acrylic stacking tower is just gorgeous and luxurious that's hand made of 3D CrystaLuxe acrylic that is laser cut. Luxurious decor for any home or office.

It's a complete set of  54 custom laser game pieces in a chunky acrylic that are polished individually to look like glass. Also, it includes a matching clear acrylic storage box.

The acrylic used is attested not to turn yellow in the long run. It's solid acrylic that gives a lot of class in the set.


  • It could be used in a game and as a decor
  • Same fun as the wood version but it has a classier look  
  • Very modern looking
  • It's a gorgeous, a conversation piece
  • Fun game and it looks great too
  • You'll love how it could match your modern decor
  • A beautiful piece for decor


  • It might be a little harder to play because they all look the same with no variation or tones
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A very trendy Jenga idea nowadays is to use it as a guestbook wherein guests could write their names on, write their wishes and congratulatory remarks for the newlyweds on the blocks itself.

It could also be a wedding giveaway or birthday souvenir with customized writings on the blocks.

Ginger Ray Build A Memory Block

Ginger Ray Build A Memory Block Alternative Wedding Guest Book - Beautiful Botanics

The Jenga pieces for a wedding could be used as the guestbook. The Ginger Ray memory block would make any wedding a memorable one. It would serve as a keepsake to be treasured to remind you of your special wedding day.

Your guests can use the blank wooden blocks to write their wishes to the newlyweds. It would be a tower with great messages. A fun way to keep, save, and relive your wedding memories for years to come!

Each pack contains 72 wooden building blocks that create a wooden tower. The tower measures: 9cm wide x 36cm tall x 9cm thick.


  • Great guest book alternative
  • Worth the price
  • Good quality
  • All the guests at the wedding could write and decorate their blocks.
  • It would be a wonderful keepsake
  • Your family game night will include memories of your special day
  • It's a nice fun souvenir for my wedding day


  • A few wish it's bigger
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Jenga blocks used in weddings could also be used in bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and or stag parties.

WE Games Custom Engraved Wood Block Party Game

WE Games Custom Engraved Wood Block Party Game in Wooden Case - 12in.

This WE games custom engraved blocks is such a cool way to celebrate any important occasions or milestones in your life.

You can have this set customized with a laser engraved imprint on one side of each block and the lid of the wooden case that becomes personalized for you.

You could have messages imprinted on the lid with 1 to 3 lines in it and each block could have a one-line message printed on it. All the messages would be centered and arranged very well.

There are available texts that you could choose from. The set includes 54 wooden blocks, a wooden case, and a wooden dice.


  • A great guest book for a bridal shower
  • It would be a total hit for everyone
  • The fact that you could customize the blocks and the box is awesome
  • It's beautiful and fun
  • It is a great keepsake
  • The engraving is a perfect touch


  • No negative reviews so far
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