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Jenga Game for Kids


Jenga could be used for kids to learn about the alphabet, numbers, colors, objects, and simple math. It would be a fantastic educational tool.

Educational and Fun Building Blocks

Tumbling Tower Stacking Game - Colored Wooden Block with Animals - Educational and Fun Building Blocks for Kids, Adults, and Toddlers - Tumbling Timber Tower - Wood Family Games - 54pcs by Toysery

Jenga is also a kids' game just like this Educational and Fun Building Blocks, which helps in their development mentally and physically. It would also help develop their balance force and improves their patience and self-control.

This educational game would be a fun learning activity for kids as they get to know the colors and animals with their spelling. It could be played as dominoes, stacking blocks, topple, and building blocks. Perfect for a kindergarten class.

The 54 blocks are made of premium hardwood that is non-toxic water-based paint, safe and reliable for young children. Includes 4 dices and 1 hammer.


  • Very neat idea to add learning elements to Jenga
  • Lots of animals, colors, and use of numbers
  • Teaches taking turns, identify colors and numbers, and differentiate animals
  • kids have a great time every time they play
  • You could work with small children on sorting, labeling, describing, comparing, and contrasting
  • Great game for kids


  • The game includes a dice but has no instructions for its use
  • The blocks don't seem to move out as easy as possible
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