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Ideal Dollhouse Family


Here are additional best toys for 3 years old girls and boys that you could only find the best toy deals on Amazon.

Ideal dollhouse family

Bigjigs Toys Heritage Playset Wooden Doll Family

Bigjigs Toys Heritage Playset Wooden Doll Family - Dollhouse Figures

The Bigjigs Toys Heritage Playset Wooden Doll Family is an ideal dollhouse family of three generations of one loving wooden family that includes grandparents, mom, dad, their 2 kids, and a cat and dog.

It has the right sizes to fit in the Bigjigs Toys range of wooden Heritage Playsets that includes 8 figures that are suitable for ages 3 years old and above. It's made from high-quality materials
They have beautifully crafted figures that have bendable limbs so your kid could have them seated, standing, and in different positions. This would be a great addition to any wooden dollhouse.


  • It provides hours of imaginative play
  • Worth it
  • It's a very nice flexible doll family
  • The dolls could bend their legs and arms.
  • The set is good for imaginary play
  • Colorful and very good quality for the price
  • Super wooden family


  • The limbs are a little stiff to move, but it would be great if they'll loosen over time
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There are also dollhouses for boys, even if dollhouses are identified with girls. 

Boy dollhouse game

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set

This is a neutral gender dollhouse but it's more of a boy's dollhouse that has 3 floors and 12 rooms, a floor-to-ceiling firefighter's pole, bendable firefighters, and dogs, 3 vehicles like a helicopter, police motorcycle, and a fire truck.

The KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set could be folded for convenience and easy storage. It has good size into it and little boys could play together with this playset.


  • All boards are numbered and all the screws are color-coded
  • The house is sturdy and takes only over an hour to put together
  • Worth the price
  • The vehicles, helicopter, firetruck, police motorcycle have good sizes and well made
  • It comes with many pieces of furniture
  • No small parts in this set
  • This is the perfect birthday gift for a 3-year-old son


  • The instructions could be better if it's more clear with more pictures
  • The corners are very sharp that needs corner protectors in them

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