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How to keep a small swimming pool clean


Here are other useful tools on how to keep a small swimming pool clean.

You’ll need to get a scumbag for your kiddie pool care.  A scum bug is an oil-sucking sponge that could absorb 40 times its weight in suntan lotions. You’ll be needing this if you are the type that put sunblock or lotion on your kid.

This sponge will suck it out of the water to help keep your kiddie pool clean and the water crystal clear.

Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge 4 Pack

Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge 4 Pack

One Scum bug is a powerful and helpful oil-absorbing sponge that could absorb 40x its weight in oil and pollen.

Just put in a clean pool and let it free-float and it would help in improving the filtration and would help to eliminate the formation of a scum line. It will not get clogged in water lines.

When one side gets scummy, just flip it over. When you feel it’s already saturated, just squeeze it out, clean, and reuse. One scum bug should last throughout the summer.


  • It could suck up and gather algae, dirt, insects, debris, and oils
  • Very effective
  • This little white sponge works well and wouldn’t mess up your water chemistry
  • It’s the best scum removal device for any white scum on the pool surface, soap in pool water, and all residues like lotion, oils, and sunblock in a swimming pool or inflatable child pool


  • The price might be a little high but at least the sponge seems of good quality
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One more on the list is a pool skimmer. These pool nets, inflatable nets, and baby pool nets would be super easy to use to get undesirable stuff out of the water.

FVILIPUS Professional Pool Skimmer Net

FVILIPUS Professional Pool Skimmer Net,Aluminum Telescopic Pole Leaf Skimming Net,with 5 Sections 47" Detachable Pole,Quick Cleaning of Debris and Leaves on The Ground and in The Swimming Pool (Blue)

This is essential to every pool including a small backyard wading pool for your kiddie pool maintenance.

This pool skimmer net has a Detachable aluminum Rod Design that has 5 connecting parts. You could choose among those or use a combination to find the perfect length for you.

It has a lightweight net yet durable since it’s made from an ultra-fine mesh basket that’s 1.5 inches deep and durable plastic frame that measures12x 17 inches that could handle all types of debris, leaves, branches, dirt, and other objects floating in your pool.

It has the perfect design with curve sides to easily clean all types of pools and including cleaning a small inflatable pool.


  • It has an adjustable and detachable rod
  • It comes with curved sides to be able to clean all shapes of pools
  • Durable
  • Reasonably-priced
  • A must to any pool or DIY kiddie pool


  • No negative reviews so far
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