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Homemade shock treatment for pools


There is a homemade shock treatment for pools as well as ones sold commercially in the market.

But, what is pool shock?

A pool shock is a process of shocking your pool by simply super-chlorinating it to kill the buildup of chloramines and just about anything else floating around your that doesn’t belong.

What are chloramines?

Chloramines are combined chlorine that’s formed when the disinfectants combine with the sweat, oils, and yes urine from the people swimming in your pool. It’s when you add shock to your pool by adding more chlorine that would destroy the chloramines.

Here’s how you could do your homemade shock treatment for pools.

When all you have is a household bleach that contains 5.25 percent of sodium hypochlorite, you could use it to shock your pool. You are raising the chlorine level to your pool wherein it would kill all the bacteria and algae that may be in the water.

How much household bleach in swimming pools? Or, how much bleach to put in a kiddie pool?

The ratio is one gallon of 5.25% bleach per 10,000 gallons of water will raise the free chlorine level by 5.25 ppm. Just abruptly pour the bleach to reach the ideal 3 ppm-level.  Always use the unscented variety.

Please check on the pool calculator above for smaller pools to avoid any inflatable pool problems.

Aqua Clear 50006ACL Products Pool Shock

Aqua Clear 50006ACL Products Pool Shock, (6 1-lb Bags)

This Aqua Clear 50006ACL Products Pool Shock comes in powdered form rather than the liquid one. It contains 6 packs and it’s safe for all pool types.

It would kill bacteria and would clear cloudy water. Easy application through the skimmer or just directly into the deep part of your pool.

This would quickly turn your green pool back to clear blue water. It also helps keep the pool algae free when the temperatures heat better than just chlorine tabs alone.


  • Great shock at a good price
  • Works just as well as the more expensive brands
  • Good value for your money
  • Easy to use
  • Very effective
  • Great help for any pool including a kiddie pool filter system


  • No negative reviews so far
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