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Best Electronic Learning Toys for 4-Year-Olds


Are you looking for a gift for a four-year-old? Here’s an idea: give them an electronic learning toy. Every word of it is just an advantage. Obviously, a toy is really something a child will enjoy. Then, you will really do a service to parents when you give their children something educational. Enter the learning toy. At the same time, you want your gift to be on-trend. That’s why the electronic learning toy is the right gift.

Of course, electronic learning toys are more than just a piece of fun technology. It is expected that children will learn the basics: ABCs, 123s, simple words, colors, and animals, among others. This is actually the best time for them to have an electronic learning toy because they are more independent at this age. They will spend more time with their toys, and parents can leave them alone. There is no fear anymore that they will throw their toys. An electronic learning toy will be a great companion at this age.

Four is really a great age to give children a head start on learning. This is also the time when they are more curious about things. Learning is actually fun for them at this point. They can already speak in complete sentences, and their vocabulary is just growing. They can memorize nursery rhymes and lyrics to songs—and not just children’s songs but pop or ballad and maybe even rap. By giving children an electronic learning toy, you are supplementing their knowledge.

Having said that, what are the best electronic learning toys for 4-year-olds? Check these out:

Age range
What children learn
Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe
2-5 years old
Animals, colors, music, numbers, etc.
My First Crayola Touch Lights
Drawing, colors, music
Best Learning EduQuiz Basic Set I
3-6 years old
Animals, colors, shapes, time, etc.
Very affordable
LeapFrog LeapPods Max
4-6 years old
music, activities, dance, instrumental music

Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe (Frustration Free Packaging)

It’s a table and stool—but not an ordinary table. The desk features activities that will help the child learn more about various topics. Children will know their basic numbers and letters and enjoy music and nursery rhymes. There are also lessons on colors and animals. The activity desk will also grow with the child. How? There are available expansion packs that will help children learn more about various things. For example, reading. Parents can buy a separate pack that could teach the children how to start reading.

The desktop is interactive. It features five pages where the child can learn basic matters. When the child is bored with the activities on the desktop, they can turn to drawing since the desk can be transformed into a chalkboard and easel. There is also a large storage space for activity supplies. There are also various toys attached to the activity desk, like the toy telephone and music player. What more? The toy features a progress button, so parents will know how the child’s learning is going.


  • Children can use this as a plain table or as a toy
  • Other toys are attached to the table
  • Comes with a storage space
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expansion packs are currently not available
  • Flimsy stool

Where to buy:

My First Crayola Touch Lights

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets, Palace Playset with Unicorn and Yeti, Gifts for Girls and Boys

It’s a doodle board of sorts that toddlers will love, but it’s also a great way for four-year-olds to start writing or drawing. Learning how to write is pretty boring, but the mess-free touch-lights is anything but boring. This will also help children develop their creativity. This is a self-contained toddler tablet. It lights up and produces sounds that toddlers will surely enjoy. There are 12 different light colors and six songs. For preschoolers, this is the time that they will discover their creative ability.

There is actually no need to teach children how to draw. It is better that they discover that ability by themselves through the tools provided for them. That’s why this is an appropriate gift for children who are four years old. Don’t worry, this is a mess-free learning toy, which would be good news for the parents. Crayons and pens are dangerous gifts as children may start drawing on walls and other areas of the house.

The Touch Lights is a Toy Award winner. It’s an electronic learning toy that children will enjoy at home and during travel. With this tool, you are essentially empowering the child’s ability to create.


  • Tool to develop a child’s creativity
  • Great for children with learning disabilities
  • Colored art without the mess


  • Hard to draw details on it
  • How to properly draw on gel needs getting used to

Where to buy:

Best Learning EduQuiz Basic Set I

BEST LEARNING EduQuiz Basic Set I - Interactive Self Learning Educational Matching Toy for Kids Boys & Girls 3 4 5 6 Years Old

Nobody likes to take quizzes, but if it’s as fun as the Best Learning EduQuiz, then it seems that no one will mind. Of course, this is more appropriate for children three to six years old. It is a portable interactive set that will quiz preschoolers with various topics. There are 60 activities to enjoy with 30 lesson cards. Among the subjects are the following:

  • Animals
  • Colors
  • Comparisons
  • Math
  • Numbers
  • Patterns
  • Profession

When you look at the topics, you’ll notice that the electronic toy is not limited to basic learning. Math and profession are pretty advance. Not only will you be giving them an educational tool, you are also offering entertainment. The EduQuiz is also a great companion for children during long drives and plane rides.

This toy has a number of awards under its belt: Tillywig Toy Awards, Mom’s Choice Awards and 2019 Top Travel Fun of the Year. Moms definitely love this electronic learning toy because it encourages children to develop critical thinking.


  • Fun companion during long commutes
  • Provides advance learning
  • Received various awards
  • Develops critical thinking


  • Should have a lid to keep cards in, especially when mobile
  • Hard for young children to enjoy this since instructions have to be read

Where to buy:

LeapFrog LeapPods Max

LeapFrog LeapPods Max , White

Get ready for an immersive audio experience with LeapPods Max!

Beyond listening to music, hours of included activities take kids on audio adventures, get the mind and body moving with active challenges, introduce mindfulness activities and more. Play right away with no web connection, downloads or account setup required. Expand your imagination and spark curiosity with the included 14-page Adventure Passport guidebook that accompanies the audio adventures and pairs engaging soundscapes and animals sounds with detailed illustrations.

But the play doesn’t stop there! Wirelessly connect to your own devices using Bluetooth wireless technology or use the included headphone cable to listen to your favorite music, podcasts and more. Easily explore the activities and music with simple controls that let you play, pause and switch modes without removing the headphones.

Intended for ages 4+ years. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery included.

About this item:

  • Hours of included activities include guided adventures, challenges, mindfulness and relaxation activities, plus dance, learning and instrumental music
  • Included 14-page Adventure Passport guides you through audio adventures with detailed illustrations and has a list of songs and activities
  • Connect your own devices wirelessly using Bluetooth wireless technology or wired with the included audio cable and listen to your favorite music, podcasts and more
  • Over-ear design is comfortable and provides great sound quality at safe volume levels
  • Intended for ages 4+ years; rechargeable lithium-ion battery included

Check out this quick demo video:

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