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Does Play-Doh expire?


Play-Doh doesn't expire. It's a Doh that refers to it being a dough made up of flour, water, salt, some coloring, and other ingredients that include its scent.

Adding a bit of water from time to time would keep it reusable and would keep and regain its moisture and consistency.

Play-Doh, when set aside, stored, and not played with, would make the water evaporate in it.

One thing good about Play-Doh too is as long as they weren't opened, they would last for years.  And even if they were opened and used but stored in a closed tightly, they would still last for a long time and until your kids get tired of them.

Kidding aside, Play-Doh doesn't have any expiration at all but just ensure that they wouldn't be affected by germs at all. Simply don't allow sick children to play with it and make sure that kids wash their hands before and after playing with Play-Doh.

This is one toy every kid could have as long they need it, want it, keep it, and store it.

How to use water to make your Play-Doh like new again?

You would just be needing your dried Play-Doh and water. Follow these steps to achieve your end-goal for the Play-Doh to be fresh as new again.

  • Take your dried out Play-Doh and just run it under warm water for a few seconds.
  • Gently massage the warm water in. It will begin to be fluffy and gloppy in your hands, but as you work on massaging it, the water would eventually work into it.
  • Repeat as you need it
  • It might sometimes take about 2 rounds of moisturizing and massaging your Play-Doh until it gets back to its original state.

You could redo this process over and over again as your kid could play with Play-Doh as if forever is not enough!

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