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When to start Play-Doh?


Play-Doh is recommended for 2 years old and above, but it's the parents' choice and jurisdiction to introduce it to their children at a younger age.

Play-Doh is a regular fare in almost every child's growing up play development. It could be introduced to babies and toddlers, although they still don't have the dexterity, creativity, and imagination of the older kids. It doesn't mean they couldn't enjoy and have a great time playing with it but, of course, with their parent's supervision and keeping their eyes on them.

These are the milestones that could happen if you'll start your kids with Play-Doh at the following ages:

Children between 0-1 yr old would most likely only be capable of touching, squeezing, patting, pressing small balls of the dough, and have the dough on their hands and feet. And you should be very vigilant because they might want to taste or put the dough in their mouths. It would be better to let them play with edible playdoughs.

Children from 2-5 would do the above actions besides pulling, rolling, cutting, filling containers, squashing, and decorating lumps of dough. They would be capable of using the dough to build something, roll sheets of the dough, count, sort, and make shapes and patterns.

They could use a plastic scissor or knife to cut and make sections on the dough.

Children from 6-10 could do all of the above, plus they could now copy models and figures, cut sheets and ropes of dough using a knife, etch different designs into the dough's surface, roll sheets of dough as a base for artistic work, roll sheets of dough as a base to print letters and words, and they could recreate characters from any books, cartoons, and characters.

It would be an awesome idea to play Play-Doh with your kid and demonstrate and show how to use it. Have fun molding, squeezing, shaping, rolling, and forming with it. You could communicate and convey to your kid what it is and what could be done with it while showing it too.

Make it your kid's ultimate toy that's a great tool for promoting fine motor coordination, creativity, imagination, and strength in your kid. It's also perfect for developing your kid's communication skills.

Play-Doh could be enjoyed by people from 1 to 100 for different reasons, interests, needs, and purpose, but the fun and learnings it brings is remarkable!

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