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Where did Play-Doh come from?


It all started for Play-Doh in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Kutol Products was once the largest wallpaper cleaner manufacturer in the early 20th century all around the world. The heating system during that time was through a coal heating method. Soon after, it transitioned to a much cleaner heating using natural gas and electricity.

The use of wallpaper cleaner was no longer needed to clean-up the soot build-up caused by the coal heating system.

Noah McVicker became restless as his invention of the compound used to clean wallpaper is no longer relevant and seem obsolete.

As destined by fate, what's a temporary worry turned out to be the biggest blessing for their company.

Joseph Mckvicker joined the company, and his sister-in-law, Amy Zufall came across an article that the wallpaper putty could be used in arts and crafts, as shown in the article. Amy began asking her students to use the putty being a nursery school teacher at that time.

True enough, their wallpaper putty is great for children's art and craft. Amy and her husband suggested that the Mcvickers name it Play-Doh and market it as a child's toy.

What started as putty in white in 1956, Play-Doh is now available in more than 50 colors, including Rose Red, Purple Paradise, Garden Green, and Blue Lagoon. Its putty line includes metallic and glittery tints.

The original recipe has gone through minor modifications over time. There was a reduction of its salt content in 1957 by a chemist, Dr. Tien Liu, so that the dough would not dry out so quickly. Most of its composition remains up to this day.

Today, Play-doh continues to be one of the pillars of the toy industry that never stops to produce the soft and pliable compound we all love and adore. Play-doh has an extensive product line-up that includes the first Fun Factory line, Play-Doh Touch, Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, Play-Doh Shape & Learn, DohVinci, an arts-and-crafts toy system for making artistic creations, and many more.

There are also successful collaborations that feature My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, Star Wars, and Disney Frozen characters and playsets. They offer new compounds that include the Play-Doh Putty, Foam, Slime, Cloud, and Krackle.

With Play-Doh, kids would have a medium to express their creativity, self-expression, and safety explorations using their hands.

Their Play-Doh slime has become a hit among kids, teens, and even adults to relieve their stress.

Play-Doh that came from Cincinnati has reached more than 80 countries worldwide and that's a long way!

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