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Where is the PlayDoh factory?


Hasbro, the toy giant, is based in Rhode Island. It outsourced the manufacturing of Play-Doh to Turkey and China from 2004 until the middle of 2018.

Today since the second half of 2018, Play-Doh is being manufactured in a facility in East Longmeadow. Hasbro owned the facility that made Monopoly and Clue as well as Magic: The Gathering playing cards now based in the Western Massachusetts town until they sold it to a Belgian game company, Cartamundi NV in August 2015.

Hasbro is now working with Cartamundi as their manufacturing partner to make Play-Doh. Cartamundi employs around 460 that makes board games for them. It plans to hire 20 more people at its East Longmeadow plant for the Play-Doh venture.

Play-Doh was invented in Cincinnati in the 1950s, and it’s good news to be back in the US again from 2004.

It’s an awesome step to keep the production on an upswing after Play-Doh sales have been reported to increase 20 percent yearly over the last five years.

There were reports that its overseas factories had been unable to keep up with the high demand for Play-Doh. The return of Play-Doh in the East Longmeadow is documented on September 4, 2018.

All Play-Doh manufacturing equipment is in the huge plant alongside with Cartamundi’s production of board games for Hasbro that includes Life, Risk, and Sorry.

This is a bold move for companies that are heavily dependent on overseas factories for lower production costs.

Hasbro, one of the leading US toy manufacturers, doesn’t own any U.S. factories and usually outsources all of their manufacturing. Hasbro Chief executive, Brian Goldner uttered that they’re not replacing volume but rather adding volume.

Their cost of product might be higher in the US than in China and Turkey or any overseas country, but it would be evened out with lower shipping costs.

Hasbro acquired Play-Doh as part of its acquisition of Tonka Corp. in 1991, and it is now one of its leading brands that also include Nerf blasters and My Little Pony dolls.

Hasbro continues to lord it over the modeling compound arena with 500 million cans every year!

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