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How long is paddling pool water safe?



Paddling pools are one of the top-selling pools since they are shallow pools that kids could paddle in and play in.

One of the advantages of paddling pool water is it’s free from any disinfectant thus, you could reuse the water for your plants and garden. It’s one way of conserving the water in your home.

The general rule is to change the paddling pool water every day. After draining it, you need to let it dry completely and use an anti-bacterial spray or a mild cleaner to kill any germs, for it is safe to use the next day.

But the water remains safe for 3 days. These pools are not equipped with filter pumps and are chemical-free, so at the end of the day, you need to skim the pool to eliminate any dirt and then top it off with some freshwater to prolong the safeness of the water. Also, cover the paddling pool overnight to keep the water clean. The next day, open the cover and let the paddling pool be exposed under the sun.

It’s important to be vigilant that your kid would not go near the pool without you. This would avoid any unnecessary incidents.

The ways above would prolong the cleanliness of the water, but it’s still the best to empty and change the water of your paddling pool every after each use. This would ensure you that no insects, bugs, virus, germs, and bacteria would be present or could linger if you change its water daily.

Just remember that every time you empty your paddling pool, you need to follow it up with cleaning and disinfecting it using a mild cleaner, let it dry, and it would be ready again to be filled with fresh water the next day.

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