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How are pool floats made?


Table of Contents:

Can you imagine what’s like without inflatable toys in your pool? It could be boring and less the thrill.  One of the popular inflatables is pool floats. They come in cute designs like a unicorn, popsicles, swans. You name it, and they almost have it all!

Almost all inflatable pool toys are made of polyvinyl chloride or most popularly known as PVC.

This PVC  used in inflatable toys are labeled as vinyl material. It’s the widely used material, followed by some floats that are made with nylon and floats that are made from foam.

Inflatable pool floats are also made from the same material as an inflatable pool. The only difference is that the inflatable pools are made with thicker or and more layers of the PVC material than an inflatable pool float.

The commercially available floats are made in factories using the following steps.

  • The PVC material is laid out on the table and is cut according to the pattern of the float
  • It’s then printed with the graphics using a printing machine
  • The next step is the air opening cap is attached
  • It’s assembled by sewing the pieces together and sealing it to ensure it’s fully sewn and attached
  • It’s inspected 3 times for its quality
  • They are blown up to check and be sure that there are no leaks
  • The float is deflated and then are placed in its packaging

Check out the video below and see how pool floats are manufactured in a big company.

After Thoughts

Pool floats come in a lot of sizes and designs. They are always fun and look incredibly bright and attractive. Each float is done meticulously to have very good quality in them and to make them long-lasting.

Double the excitement in your pool with these cool floats that are hard to resist!

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