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How to find a hole in a pool float?


It would be such a letdown to witness your float losing air because of air leaking out of it and also not very hard to inflate it because there’s a hole somewhere in your float.

Inflatable floats are more prone to punctures and tears. But it’s such a delight to know that you or anyone could repair them.

This is what you need to do to find the exact location of the hole/holes in your float. You need to inflate your float first and then submerge it into the pool and see and look for airy bubbles in your float. Put a tape on it so you could find it later. Search and look for other areas of your float with airy bubbles.

Another option is to make a water and soap mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Cover the whole area of your float at a time and spray it with the solution.  There is a hole if soap bubbles are appearing. Draw a circle using a marker pen, so you’ll know where it is when you repair it.

Dry your float completely. There’s a temporary fix that you could do. You could put duct tape to the hole until you do your permanent patching and repair.

Deflate your pool float totally until there’s completely no air and take off the tape or look for the circled area. Use a vinyl repair kit. Start by putting the vinyl repair over the hole. Make sure it would only be in that area that needs repair.

Cut the patch to cover the area that leaks with a little allowance around the edges of the area. Use gloves in doing your repair, then apply the glue to one side of the patch and completely covering it in an even layer. Do not glue just the edges but all the glued-surface of the patch.

Allow your float to dry !00% before using it in the water again.

This is how easy it is to find the hole and eventually repair your pool float.

Watch the video below to see how you could repair your pool float at home.

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