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What can I use to blow-up a pool?


Blow-up pools could usually be inflated within minutes, depending on what you use.

Kids clamor for swimming for outdoor enjoyment, especially on a hot sunny day, especially during summertime. The best and fastest solution is a blow-up pool that could be easily inflated, and the kids could hop in a jiffy.

Here are some of the ways to inflate and blow-up your pool.

You could inflate manually

This is recommended if you’ll blow-up a tiny inflatable pool.

Inflating your pool manually could mean exerting more effort and using the air from your lungs. This is the least option you could choose since there are other ways to blow-up a pool much easier.

You could inflate using an air pump

There are two types of air pumps, namely the manual air pump and the electric air pump.

Manual air pump – The manual air pump could be a hand or foot pump. A hand pump is a safe option but put stress on your arms because you need to pump up and down to fill the air in the pool. Likewise, with a foot pump, the sore would be felt on the leg after.

Electric air pump-  It’s one if not the easiest way to blow up an inflatable pool. There are a lot of handy electric air pumps that are available in the market today. There are a  lot of high volume electric pumps that are priced reasonably that come with a variety of nozzles to fit different blow-up pools and toys.

Some battery-operated air pumps are also widely available.

Use an air compressor

Another fast way to blow up your pool is to use an air compressor. You just need to put air through the nozzle of the pool. Some attachments could be used if the pool has a wider mouth nozzle.

You could use a narrow tip on the compressor and insert it into the nozzle. It should match the appropriate compressor hose end to the size of the nozzle. Turn the compressor, and you’ll be done in a couple of minutes.

Use your Shop Vac

If you have a Shop Vac, then you could inflate your blow-up pool using it.

It’s one of the best options on our list. It could also be used to blow-up inflatable toys, floats, and mattresses too.

Use a Hair Dryer

This is the greatest hack to blow-up your pool. It’s been proven to work, and it’s safe. All you have to do is to use your dryer’s cool setting. A hairdryer doesn’t have a nozzle, so you would need to improvise. Some used soda plastic bottles that they cut in the middle and used as their improvised air nozzle.

Whatever method you’ll choose, make sure it would save you a lot of tiring moments. Put in mind to reserve your lungs and your arms and legs from too much hassle.

Choose the fastest and easiest ways to blow-up your pool!

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