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Are Intex and Summer Waves the Same?


Intex is the frontrunner in the field of inflatables that include airbeds, above ground pools, spas, toys, furniture, boats, and more. They've been in the business for more than 50 years.

They started as Wet Set and started with their first inflatable product that was a beach ball. They made their first above ground swimming pool in 1997.

Today, Intex products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

They continue to fulfill their objective to deliver the highest quality products at an affordable price, all designed for comfort, safety, and fun.

While Summer Waves in under Polygroup, which is a Global, Diversified Manufacturing Company that is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of artificial Christmas trees and seasonal lighting. Additionally, Polygroup is a diversified leading manufacturer of above-ground swimming pools, summer inflatable toys, and air mattresses. They've been in the business for 25 years now.

Although Intex and Summer Waves are owned by two different entities, they are somewhat the same and alike in their inflatable pools. Both have a lot of above the ground inflatable pools, metal-framed pools, and active pools to choose from.

Intex has its Easy set-up line, and Summer Waves its Quick set-up line.

Both these lines come in identical look with their top inflatable rings and almost the same shade of blue. The only thing that you could distinguish one from the other is the brand's name on its pool's side part.

They both come with handy filter pumps, and their materials are both durable PVC.

Intex and Summer Waves are very alike in almost all their above the ground pool line-up.

What do people love about Intex Easy Set?

  • Intex is known to have great affordable prices
  • It's easy to assemble
  • The pool liner is sturdy

Intex Easy Set has an edge for its easy setup and good value for money.

What do people love about Summer Waves Quick Set?

  • It's also easy to assemble
  • It has good quality

As compared to Intex's easy set, the Summer Waves quick set might be easily damaged.

How about in the Metal Frame pools and Active Frame pools match-up between Intex and Summer Waves?

The same with the inflatable Easy and Quick sets, the Metal Frame and Active Frame of both brands are also so alike.

These pools are easy to assemble and are very sturdy since they have thicker high-quality pool liners and case and sturdy frames that the pools are equipped with.

They come with pool filtration systems, ladders, and Intex provides floor cloth covering and a pool cover as well.

What's great with Intex Metal Frame and Active pools?

  • Their prices are great value for the money
  • They are also easy to set up
  • Only low maintenance is required in all the models

What's good with Summer Waves Metal Frame and Active pools?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for kids and families

There might be leaks in the pool's corners, so it's better to check the products after receiving them.

One commonly asked question is how to be able to hook up a pool vacuum to an Intex pool.  And what's the step by step procedure to do so.

How do you hook up a pool vacuum to an Intex pool?

Gather all the materials and components of your pool vacuum. You would also be needing a long garden house for this. Don't forget the most essential part of this work, and that is the filter pump. Your vacuum cleaner won't work when your pump is not working.

There are two pieces of a telescoping shaft. You need to insert one at the end part to the other, and you need to twist them together in a counterclockwise position to tighten them together.

The shaft must align with the vacuum head where you could see the spring. The next step is to squeeze the tips of the plastic and the spring together before you could see the shaft go perfectly in the head.

When you successfully slipped the shaft into the vacuum head, you could now get one debris bag and attach it to the vacuum head. Don't forget to tie the bag with the vacuum head for safety.

Then on the opposite side of the vacuum head, you need to attach the garden hose adapter nozzle with it. Clip the hose to the telescoping shaft and to wind the adapter nozzle to the hose.

You would encounter a flat washer with an adapter that you must place in the garden hose coupling. You can now adjust your water output so you'll have the right water pressure. Your vacuum is now ready to suck inside all the debris from the pool floor by holding the vacuum head directly to the floor of the pool.

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