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Can you separate kinetic sand colors?


Kinetic Sand is a phenomenal toy that gives a great therapeutic and sensory play that's open-ended. Kids could explore molding and shaping it unlimitedly. It comes in many colors, from primary and secondary colors to neon colors.

Its appeal lies that it could hold its shape, and it never dries out. Some pressure is needed to form different shapes, and it's good for one's reflexes.

Kinetic sand has a thick and viscous coating that makes the sand stick together so it could be cut and molded without making any mess. The possibilities to create fantastic sand art are unlimited, and there would be no granules or grains all over the place.

It's awesome as it just flows through your fingers, and kids and adults too could stretch it, smash it, roll it into a ball, and mold it into countless possible shapes possible.

No, you could no longer separate the colors of kinetic sand once it's mixed. It would be better for the kids to keep each color separate and maybe try to mix only a handful to satisfy their curiosity as to what would happen when they mix the colors. They could mix ample colors so they could see what they would look like.

How to separate kinetic sand color?

Every primary and secondary color is available in kinetic sand plus some cool neon colors. When you only have the primary colors, you could mix it to produce secondary colors like blue and yellow make green or blue, and red makes purple. No two colors could be ever mixed to make a primary color.

Kinetic sand is soft and crumbly, but it could also be able to hold its shape when squeezed in a mold. This makes kinetic sand a lot of fun for kids to play it.

As to how to separate the kinetic and color, it's not possible, as mentioned. The colors remain together when already mixed, and they could not be separated anymore.

After Thoughts

Let your kid have the time of his or her life with kinetic sand made from 100% natural sand and 2% magic.

Kids don't want to stop once they tried playing with this soft, easy to mold, never dries out, that holds together, can easily be reshaped and reuse over and over again, does not stick to their hands, and mess-free kinetic sand.

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