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How to blow up a pool with a pump?


An inflatable pool could bring a lot of fun and a cheaper option for the children on those summer days. However, these kinds of pools need to be inflated. It could no longer be inconvenient and time-consuming.

There are ways to inflate a pool that would not require you to use your lungs. One of the most popular ones is using a pump.

There is the manual type, battery-operated, and electric pumps. They are designed to be more user-friendly and easy to use. These pumps could both inflate and deflate an inflatable pool.

Manual Pump

The manual pump could either be a hand pump or a foot pump. Manual pumps are relatively cheaper as compared to the electric pump. The downside is that it would need your effort and your strength to use it as its name implies; it could be used manually.

Hand Pump

Most hand pumps that are available come with attachments you could use on our inflatable pool. They are portable but require your hand or hands up to your shoulders to work to force the air with up and down strokes to blow up your inflatable pool.

You need to find the right nozzle attachment that you would use to inflate the pool. Find the air valve of your pool and put in the nozzle and you could begin pumping air to it until you reach the desired firmness or psi of your pool. Don't forget to close the air valve in your pool.

Foot Pump

A foot pump also comes with nozzles and adapters to fit most air valves of inflatable pools. Most foot pump has 0.5 liters air displacement per stroke. It could also achieve a maximum air pressure of 2 psi.

You need to put the nozzle in the air valve of your pool and start pumping air using your foot on the pump. You use your foot to manipulate the pump in an up and down motion. Upon reaching your desired psi, seal the air valve.

Electric Pump

An electric pump is powered by a transformer with a 220-240V or 12V car plug with 3 valve adaptors. Electric pumps are less tiring than using a manual pump or your lung power. These pumps make inflation a lot easier.

Plug the pump with the correct nozzle to the air valve of your inflatable. Then turn on the switch. You just need to wait until your pool is inflated. Close the air valve.

Both the manual and electric pump has a deflation port so that an inflatable can be quickly taken down and could be packed or stored.

Battery-operated Pump

Battery-operated pumps come with 3 interconnecting nozzles and usually operates on 8 A-cell batteries. You could use it by choosing the right nozzle to insert into the air valve of your inflatable pool. Turn on the air pump.

After you're done with inflating, turn off the pump, remove the nozzle, and seal the air valve securely.

After Thoughts

All these air pumps would provide you smooth operation in blowing up your pool. They are all portable and convenient. The decision is yours to take which one you would be purchasing but do remember to never put your eyes near towards the pump when you're using it. And always be alert on your pool's psi (pounds per square inch) is right. You don't want your pool to be over-pressure or under pressure at all.

You need to have the proper air pressure, and you could check in your pool's package its recommended psi.

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