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How to fill up an inflatable pool?


Every kid would be excited to have an inflatable pool and would like to take the plunge or take a dip as soon as they have one. Also, their parents are twice as excited to set the pool, inflate it, and fill it up with water for the kids to use it at once.

These are the steps that need to be taken to make this all a reality and to give the kids the experience of water fun in an inflatable pool.

  • Make sure to check the inflatable pool before setting it up and ensure that all the things you’ll need are there. Most inflatable pools contain the pool, a pump, a filter, and an instruction manual.
  • If you’re setting up a mid-size to a larger pool, it would be better to put a tarp underneath it to protect it from puncture. Also, ensure a level surface in your backyard. Once your ready, lay the tarp first and put the pool on top of it. The pool should be unfolded at this time.
  • Begin to inflate the pool using a pump. Check the pool’s manual for the proper psi of the pool.
  • Be sure that the drain plug of your pool is closed. You could start filling up the pool by about an inch and observe if there’s any leak and if there’s none, continue to fill up your pool using your garden hose.
  • You also need to check on the water distribution in your pool. Uneven water in your pool means your ground or surface is not level. You could fix this early on by moving the pool to an even area.
  • Make sure the water is distributing evenly while filling the pool at this point. If it isn’t, you will need to move the pool to a different area or take steps to level the ground.
  • When everything is ok, continue to fill the pool. Your pool would be filled when the water has reached the line just near the bottom of its ring.

After filling up your pool, what do you do next?

It’s time to assemble your filter pump. You’ll see two hoses connected in your filter pump. One is from the pool to the pump, which is the intake port, and the other one that heads back from the pump to the pool, which is the outbound port. Connect these into the two hoses on your pool, and you need to securely tighten both of them.

How would the filter work?

You would be needing to remove the two plugs in your pool, which are currently blocking water from the filter pump’s hoses. Afterwhich, the tubes would begin filling with water, so you must insert the strainer piece into the unplugged intake hole. The purpose of this is to keep any debris from entering the filter.

Then you’re still not yet done since the next step is to insert the open hole piece into the unplugged outbound hole. The knob on top needs to be unscrewed by you until you could see the water flowing out. When this already occurs, you could screw it back to its original position.

Schedule only the time for your filter to run, and it’s preferably when no one is in the pool as there’s a general rule to never turn the filter on when someone or people is using the pool.

Most inflatable pool owners schedule their filtering at night and make sure to turn it off during the day.

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