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How to clean inflatable pool toys?


A day in the pool wouldn’t be incomplete without your beloved inflatable pool toys. Let’s face it; they add to the fun and excitement of frolicking in the pool!

The number one prerequisite is to keep your pool water clean at all times, but it doesn’t mean that exempts you from cleaning your inflatable toys separately.

There would still some build-up of mildew or mold even if the water of your pool is treated regularly. This is somewhat inevitable mainly because of the wet surrounding of your pool.

Have you ever experience that slippery feeling in your pool toys? That only signals you that they need some cleaning! It’s time for you to wash away those algae because they’re unhealthy and unsanitary that might even cause some sickness.

So, how could you clean your inflatable pool toys effectively?

The best way to clean your pool toys, especially against mildews or molds, is a simple DIY solution.

Here are the steps to do it:

Mix two cups of ordinary household bleach with one gallon of water. This is the solution you could use to wipe or scrub off your pool toys using a brush with soft bristles or even a cleaning cloth. By the way, wear gloves when you do this. After being done with this step, rinse all your pool toys with water using a garden hose.

The next step is to let them dry, and once they are completely dried, you could put it all back in your pool.

Another method is using a natural material, which is baking soda. You need to do this procedure.

Make a mixture of ¼ cup of baking soda with warm water about a quart of it. This is your solution in which you could wipe or scrub also over your pool toys using a rag or a soft brush.  You then would need to rinse them off with water using your garden hose. Completely dry all your inflatable toys before putting them back again in your pool.

How to store your pool toys to keep them clean?

You could find a spot in your garage or near your pool with a shade. Mount a wood palette on a wall and put several hooks in it. Purchase several nets, preferably cargo nets, that you could put your pool toys and hang the net or nets on the hooks.

Another essential tip is to wipe the pool toys with either of the solution above and to wash them with water thoroughly before you store them when summer is out. You could also deflate them and make sure they are dry and, lastly, that the storage space or nets are dry as well.

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