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How to fill air in Intex baby pool?


Intex offers numerous baby pools that just have the right amount of water that ranges from 7 gallons to below 20 gallons of water.

An Intex pool that could only hold this amount is the easiest to fill with air.

You could easily fill the air on the Intex baby pool by blowing air by your mouth for the smaller ones, but you could use your bicycle pump, manual pump, or electric air pump more conveniently.

It’s important that they have a nozzle attachment that would fit the air valve of your baby pool. You need to close the air valve properly after you’re done filling the air.

Except for blowing air by your mouth, all pumps should be connected to the pool via a nozzle. You need to push it up and down to fill the air if you’re using a bicycle and manual pump, and it could be tiring.

With an electric pump that you just need to turn the switch on after connecting its nozzle to the air valve, and it would do the job.

How to fill an Intex pool?

Intex has a lot of pool models, from the easy set to metal frame pools, prism pool models, and their elite Ultra XTR Frame pools.

With the easy set models, you need to inflate them first, while the metal frame and prism models need to be assembled using its vertical and horizontal metal tubes with no tools needed, and you could start to fill your pool right away.

Their elite Ultra XTR Frame pools are pools with frames that are made with strong and durable materials. The frames are made of strong galvanized steel that could be protected from rust at all times.

It comes with a pool liner that’s made from high strength Polyester mesh and extra-thick PVC layers to increase its durability against puncture and tear.

These pool sets come with powerful circulation and filtration systems. Some of its models come with a salt water system.

These are the steps you need to do to fill an Intex pool.

  • Lay down the tarpaulin
  • Spread the pool liner
  • Assemble the frame sections for your metal frame pool or inflate your easy set pool
  • Inflate the pool to its full psi and for your metal frame, erect it to its full height
  • Next is to connect the filter hoses
  • Then plug in the pump
  • Start filling the pool up to below the rim of the pool

Make sure you flatten the wrinkles on the flooring of your pool when the water is only 4 to six inches deep, as doing it at a deeper water level would be quite impossible to do so.

After Thoughts

Intex is a trusted brand with over 50 years of experience to back them up for your inflatables, including an extensive above the ground inflatable pools offering.

Intex pool sets are true testaments of how high-quality pools could have very reasonable price tags in them.

Let’s not forget that Intex is considered the best above ground pool available in the market today around the globe!

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