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How to blow up a float or a floaty without a pump?


Pool floats are such wonderful addition to any pool. Their designs are simply adorable, and they come in different sizes as well. The pool becomes more inviting and fun with these vibrantly colored floats around.

What are the other ways to inflate your float without a pump? There are several ways to do it. Here’s an enumeration of how to inflate your float without a pump and choose what you think would work for you best.

Use your lungs

This might be tiring and would consume time, but it’s very much doable, especially with smaller floats or floaties. You’ll use your mouth to blow air to your flat by breathing the air from your lungs to the float’s valve stem. Don’t forget to take interval breaks from blowing up and resting for a bit.

Just find where the valve stem is in your float, pull it up, open its cap, breathe in air, and stop when your float is filled with air. Close the cap of the valve stem and push it in your float.

Use Your Leaf Blower

There are some things in your home that you could use. One of them is a leaf blower.

Yes, you could use it by just putting the air outlet of your leaf blower to the valve stem. You could use a water bottle for this. Cut the water bottle in the middle and use its upper part as a funnel to allow the air to fill your float. Tape it at the end of your leaf blower.

Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner should have a reverse function that would make it blow air rather than suck. Put your vacuum’s nozzle and directly to the valve of your float that would let air flow into your float. It would make inflating your float a breeze.

Use A Garbage bag

Another fun hack to blow up your float is using a garbage bag. Get one and open it and swoop all the air you can so you’ll have it filled with it. As soon as you have your garbage bag is full of air, close it at its end. Then, insert a straw and insert it to the valve on your float. Squeeze the air from the bag into your float. Repeat this method until your float is fully inflated.

This process is useful and a good option when there are no electrical outlets available.

Use a hairdryer

Another unique hack is to use a hairdryer if there is no pump available. This is another household item that could do the trick. Simply turn your hairdryer on and hold it against the open valve hole to begin filling your float.

You could again use a water bottle and cut it into half. Use its upper part and put it at the end of your dryer. You could tape it too. It would serve as your funnel to safely put air in your float. Use your hairdryer in the cool setting only. Floats are mostly made from plastic or vinyl that are vulnerable to high heat that could damage them.

Use a compressor

You could also use an air compressor to blow up your float. Just simply attach the right nozzle for the compressor to fit the valve stem of your float. Most compressors come with several attachments. Fill your float with the air and close the cap of the valve stem of your float once you’re done.

After Thoughts

The fastest way to blow up your float without a pump is using an air compressor followed by using a vacuum, leaf blower, and dryer, respectively in that order. The garbage technique is second to the last, and inflating it using your mouth comes last.

All these ways would help you to inflate your float easily and more smoothly. It would be your decision on what you’ll feel comfortable in using.

Happy inflating!

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