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How to fill up a Summer Waves pool?


Summer Waves pools are manufactured by Polygraph for a good solid 25 years and still going strong. It belongs to the top three companies that produce above the ground pools along with Intex and Bestway.

It has its quick set line, active frame pool selection, and metal frame pools.

What are the necessary things you should know prior to filling up your pool?

First of all, you need to set up your pool. The foremost thing is to find the exact location of where you’ll place your pool. It should be stable, level, and its soil are compact. Make sure the ground is free from sharp objects, stones, gravel, and other oil-based compounds.

Do take into consideration that you should not install your pool on a wooden deck or any type of wooden surface. You should not also use sand any form of uncompacted soil to provide a level surface for your pool since it would only be washed out eventually.

Then check all the contents of the package of your pool. Have a ground cover ready if it’s not included in the pack. Thick tarpaulin would be the best. After laying your tarp, lay on top of it your pool and even out all the wrinkled part of your pool.

Here are other important precautionary measures that you should follow:

  • The area of your pool should not be under overhead electrical lines, trees, or within 15 feet of a structure.
  • Your pool should be located 6ft away from any electrical receptacle.
  • All 125 volt, 15, and 20-ampere receptacles in your home should be 20ft away from your pool, and it should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection.
  • Your pool’s 20ft distance would be measured using the shortest straight line distance of the supply cord that would follow without any piercing on your floor, wall, ceiling, doorway, window, or all other permanent distraction.
  • You need to coordinate and contact your local utilities. This would ensure that no underground cables, telephone lines, and gas lines are present underneath your chosen area for your pool.

How do you fill up a Summer waves pool?

There is some summer waves pool like the quick set that doesn’t have a filtration system. You could just lay it on top of a tarp on a leveled area, inflate it, and fill it up a little below its rim with water using your garden hose.

But for metal-framed larger pools with a pump, after placing your pool on top of your pool ground cover, it’s time to assemble your pool.

  • Find and get the horizontal beams and take the shorter beams with a larger diameter and holes on the ends first and insert them into the pockets stitched along the top edge of your pool wall. You would then rotate them in the pockets, so the holes are on the top and bottom of the pipe that needs to protrude from each end of the pocket
  • The T-fittings go next as you need to attach them to the horizontal beams, and their holes should be aligned. Hold on in installing any of the pins at this time. Focus on installing all the T-fittings onto the horizontal beams
  • When you’re almost done with all the connections, install the last T-fitting at the end of one of the beams. You must lift the last two beams to get them to insert into the T-fitting. It should both be angled towards each other and be a guide to the beam into the fitting as you lower the two together
  • You could now proceed to insert the pins and grommets down to the top of the T-fittings until the pin snaps into their places on the lower side of the fitting.
  • It’s time to get the Vertical legs. You would see that they are already pre-installed with V spring pins in yellow at the top end.
  • Next on the list is to insert the leg down through the belt that runs around the middle of the pool. Then, you need to connect them to the top frame. You should push the buttons as you insert the leg into the T-fitting. Make sure that the buttons would pop out of the T-fitting to show that the Vertical leg is locked in place
  • You then insert the plastic leg caps on the bottoms of the vertical legs.
  • Monitor and see if your pool is stable and as you also make sure all fittings, legs, and beams are properly fitted and all the pins have been securely tightened and locked in all of the holes. Check the vertical legs and its footing and stability.
  • Install the filtration system accordingly. Use your user manual and follow it properly.
  • Before you start to fill up your Summer Waves pool, make sure its drain fitting is plugged securely, and the cap is closed. Start filling your pool with water until it reaches an inch of water. Stop filling for a while and double-check if there are no wrinkles at the bottom of the pool. The bottom should be flat and equal in all areas.
  • You could continue filling if everything is fine and continue to check the vertical legs of your pool and ensure they remain vertical and stable and still very much perpendicular to its top ring.
  • You just need to wait for your pool to be filled at least an inch or two below its rim.

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