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How to easily blow up a pool float?


Table of Contents:

Pool Float lovers never run out of fantastic floats to be excited about. There is a lot of new novelty pool floats to go raving about.

You're so thrilled about your pool float, and you want to use it as soon as you have it. So, what's the easiest and fastest way to blow up your pool float?

The number one way and the easiest way to blow up your pool float is by using an electric air pump.

It's still the method to beat as compared to using a vacuum cleaner, air compressor, a hairdryer, manual hand or foot pumps, a garbage bag, or blowing it by using your mouth.

Here is what you need to do to be able to hop in your pool float faster by using an electric pump.

First, open the seal on top of the valve and squeeze the base of the valve that would allow the air to flow inward.

Ensure that your inflation adaptor extends past the compression valve at the base of your float's valve stem to ensure ease of your inflation.

When you're done  inflating to your desired pressure, close the valve stem of your float and push it down fully so that your valve becomes even with the surface of your float.

It is important to remember that when exposed to cooler air or water, the air within any inflatables that include your float could tend to subside, so it would be necessary for you to re-inflate if needed.

Besides, take good care of your float by storing it after it has been rinsed with fresh water and dried. Make it a point to store it in a dry and cool place to avoid molds and mildews.

Regularly clean your pool float with mild soap and warm water, then rinse it with water and let it dry under the sun.

After Thoughts

The frontrunner and hands-down winner as the easiest way to inflate your pool float is still an electric air pump for inflatables. They are made and designed to inflate your float in a manner of just minutes.

Go for the tried and tested way to inflate your float if you're so excited to hit the water with your float in a jiffy!

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