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How to remove mold from pool floats?


Keeping your pool and its water clean doesn’t equate to clean pool floats. Even if your pool water is chlorinated, it won’t be able to clean and wash out the molds build up in your float.

The best way to remove mold from pool floats is with a solution of bleach and water. It would better to observe safety measures by wearing gloves and eye-protective gear.

In a bucket, mix around six ounces of your household bleach with about a gallon of warm water. Use a sponge or a brush to scrub off your float using this solution. Use this solution of a cemented surface to above damaging your grass in your backyard.

After you’re done thoroughly wiping and scrubbing your float, rinse it off with water using your garden hose. You would need to dry your float completely under the sun.

Also, it’s recommended to store your float in a cool place when not in use. It should be completely dry to avoid moisture that would pave for molds and bacteria to thrive in it.

Make it a part of your routine to clean your pool floats from time to time using the bleach and water solution and rinsing and drying it 100% before using it again or storing it safely.

It would be for the best to clean your pool float deflated and store it deflated. Store it completely dry in an enclosed and dry space to always be in top condition and have a long life-span.

Use a clean and a pool float free from molds and mildews if you do these essential measures.

Always be ready for your pool fun with your sparkling and hygienic float all the time. Have a genuinely happy time in the pool without a moldy and slimy float that is never fun at all.

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