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Can pool pumps get wet?


Pool pumps are a combination of an electric motor and a hydraulic wet end, and it works in a way that the electrical energy is converted into mechanical movement when the water is pushed through the rotating impeller. Its wet end also is known as the hydraulic end. This is where the water is channeled into the pump before it goes to the filtration system.

Yes, they are made to endure outdoor exposure. These pumps are made to function outside and will get wet from the rain, splashes of water, and it’s fine. You could encounter a problem when you have poor drainage that would cause standing water from the rain and storms and would stay around the motor. Your pool pump should not be submerged in any standing water.

If ever this would happen to you, what should you do? Turn off your pump in its main panel and shield it in a safe place. A pool pump that is submerged and gets waterlogged would be needed to be replaced.

Pool pumps should not be covered since it would produce moisture that could damage it. As an advisory, you could run your pump at night or when nobody is in the pool at least every 24 hours for its filtration process. If you are a heavy pool user, you might need to run your pump for up to eight hours per day. When you have a pool with a pump, frequent checking of the ph level of the water, its clarity, and chemical balance is a must.

Your pool pump is an essential component of your pool, and it needs to be looked after to ensure your pool is in tip-top condition. You should know everything about your pool pump.

As much as it could get wet at times, you should also remember to make sure it does not run dry. You should frequently schedule when to run it since it also needs water running through it to help it cool its internal components.

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