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Can you put chlorine in a kiddie pool?


Table of Contents:

Chlorine has been around so long that most of us are aware of how effective they are to keep any pool clean and safe.

It evolved as it now has chlorine tablets that we could use for kiddie pools too. Yes, you could put chlorine in your kiddie pool but with very minimal quantity. You could put it at night, so it could work the next day effectively since it would have ample time to spread in the water of your kiddie pool.

The chlorine tablets come in 3 sizes: 1 inch, 3 inches, and the latest variant, in 4.5 inches.

The best way to have a consistent and correct chlorine level in the pool is to use 1″ tabs or 3″ tablets using floating chlorinator. You could not just throw in the tablet directly to the pool. A good number of pools only need half of a 3” chlorine tablet per week, while some use 1” chlorine tablet in scheduled time. You need to check the ph level of your water to know how much tablets you would need to maintain the 2.0 – 3.0 ppm level of chlorine in your kiddie pool.

You would need a water test kit or test strips so that you could test the pH level in the water of your pool. It could very well arise when there are many users of the pool. When your pH levels become high, your chlorine would become less effective.

When the pH levels rise above 7.6, add 0.2 oz of dry acid for every 100 gallons of pool water. Then, recheck the pH level in a few hours, and you should have 7.2 – 7.4, which is great.

Using chlorine in the kiddie pool would also prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the kiddie pool. But the safest measure to keep your kiddie pool’s water clean is to change it every 2 days the most.

To keep your kiddie pool safe, you need to change the water at least every 48 hours.

Let’s face it that even kiddie pools are easier to maintain. They tend to get dirtier since kids could use it heavily and could even urinate in it. This would ensure your kid’s safety the most.

After Thoughts

Chlorine is a dependable natural chemical element that helps us protect the kids from infections, viruses, bacteria, and other illnesses that they could get in the water.

Kiddie pools are so much fun, but we must doubly ensure its safety, especially if it’s a child’s health that’s on the line.

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