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How big is the kiddie pool?


Kiddie pools come in lots of variety, whether in designs and sizes. There are wading pools, paddling pools, inflatable pools with slides, and sprinklers.

These pools fall under the category of kiddie pools for the following reasons:

  • They contain more or less than 200 to 4,000 gallons of water.
  • Kiddie pools are only up to 3 feet deep.
  • They are not bigger than 15 feet in any dimension.
  • They are not equipped with filtration,  pump, and filter.
  • You need to set up by inflating or assembling it yourself.
  • They are manufactured and are sold for kid’s use.

How could kids have safe fun in a kiddie pool?

Kiddie pools could be lots of fun and could bring long hours of glee and joy to kids during hot days. Since kiddie pools are usually not equipped with water filters and might not have necessary water treatment, it’s best to practice some measures to ensure the safety of the kids.

If you have a smaller kiddie pool, you could fill it with fresh water each time it’s used.  It’s best to be refilled with fresh water before each use. Adults should do this for safety considerations.

Have your kid take a bath before entering the pool. It would eliminate germs early on in the water.

Never allow any kid to go swimming when he or she is not feeling well. Other kids might get sick too.

Make it a habit to clean and disinfect your kiddie pool after each use. Drain or empty the pool after each use. This would eradicate the growth of water-borne bacteria. A good cleaning solution is one part bleach to five parts of water. Wash the pool with water using a hose after. Have your pool to dry completely and leave it under the sun for at least four hours. The ultraviolet of the sun would kill the germs or any virus.

Tell the kids never to drink the water in the pool. This could pose a health hazard since we all know that chances are, kids might urinate in the pool.

After Thoughts

Regardless of the kiddie pool you choose, make sure you would monitor and closely supervise your kid since drowning with even 2 inches of water is never far-fetched.

Safety should be the priority for your kiddie pool. It’s great to have a heavy-duty pool that is not just super fun but could withstand active young children's energy.

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