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How often to change kiddie pool water?


Kiddie pools come in a lot of sizes, but they are no deeper than 3 feet and are not bigger than 15 feet in all their dimension.

They are usually made out of PVC vinyl or plastic that either needs to be inflated or set-up. The means to add water to them is through your garden hose.

One of the essential things the adults should know is how often they should change the water in a kiddie pool.

Most kiddie pools are not equipped with a filtration pump. And if your kid is using the pool without any chemicals, then you should drain the water after each use. You should fill it with fresh water every time it will be used. Stagnant water is prone to bacteria and algae, and it could occur very easily, and it would be unhealthy for your kid.

If you're using chemicals for your kiddie pool, it could take 3 weeks before you could change the water.

Here are some of the safe chemicals to use for your kiddie pool:

Chlorine tablets - This is one of the usual sanitizers for kiddie pools is easily available. You could put it in the kiddie pool at night when no one is in the pool. Always be guided by the instructions on the pack to make sure you put in the right dosage of the sanitizer correctly.

Regular bleach with 6% active strength - Add 1/8 cup of regular household bleach for every 100 gallons of water, and it's made with 6% percent sodium hypochlorite to your kiddie pool. Let the bleach work overnight to kill bacteria and algae when it's not in use.

Water testing kit -These easy-to-use water testing strips will analyze the chlorine level, along with the pH, bromine, and alkalinity.

After Thoughts

We need to battle the risk of infection, germs, and bacteria in a kiddie pool by making sure that its water is changed after each use or to add sanitizing agents in the water.

The easiest way is to empty the smaller pools with lesser water daily as you only need to clean them thoroughly after and let it dry naturally. After that, it could be used again without any worry and qualms on your part.

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