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Can you hold the tower in Jenga?


Jenga is a great game for building decision-making skills on the spot and improving hand-to-eye coordination. This game aims to teach the players the importance of being patient, how to make their moves under pressure, and how to contain their anxiousness and thrill for their next move.

The rules say that you can only touch a single block at a time and can only use one hand; thus, you cannot hold the Jenga tower at any point in the game.

In the event another block moved while you're removing a block in your turn, you need to put it back and fix it before you could proceed to touch another block. It's against the Jenga rules to touch or move more than one block.

Players may use only one hand at a time, but either hand may be used. The rules should be reinforced strictly that only one hand may touch the tower at any time. Players are allowed to tap a block to find a loose one. Any blocks moved but not pulled out should be replaced but make sure the tower won't collapse.

Can you hold the Jenga tower at any time?

The real key is that you could only touch one block at a time with only one hand, and you're not allowed to mishandle the tower at any time. You're not even allowed to catch the tower to keep it from falling.

You need to pull out one piece with one hand only, but you're allowed to touch multiple blocks at a time to support the tower to get a block out as long as you're only using one hand.

Tips on how to maneuver the blocks:

  • You could use your removed block to tap back any dislodged block back into place.
  • You could use other parts of the hand you're using to hold any loose block in place.
  • If you moved a block in your turn, just take another block instead of the one you're supposed to pull out
  • Always remove the block in the other direction or opposite direction so it won't make another block move
  • Just leave the other blocks where they are if they are not in your way.

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