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Can you paint the Jenga Blocks?


Yes, you could paint the Jenga blocks to make it livelier and if you want it to satisfy your whim for an upgrade on its look.

There are many painting materials and methods that you could use.

The first option is to use spray paints that are quick-drying and water-resistant. Here are the simple steps to paint your blocks using spray paints.

First, sand each block with fine sandpaper to have a smoother surface and free from any splinter.

Use a soft cloth to remove any residue from the blocks.

Spread newspapers or used cardboards and position the blocks standing up and per group according to the color to be sprayed on batch after batch. For example, blocks to be sprayed red, and other colors would follow.

Let it dry and spray the bottom part that's left and hasn't been sprayed yet. Wait for it to fully dry.

When all the blocks were sprayed, apply Polyurethane to seal the blocks.

Let all your blocks to be completely dry before you use them.

The next best option is to use acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are widely available, easy to work with, and come inexpensive. You'll just need the acrylic paints with the colors of your choice, brush, and water.

The best type of paint to use on the blocks is artist's grade acrylic paint.

You need to sand the blocks first using fine grade sandpaper.

Wipe the blocks after to make sure they are free from dust from the sanding, and there are no splinters.

Put the blocks on top of a newspaper or carton so you'll not make a mess. Let it all stand, and you could start painting per color. Use your acrylic paint with water and a brush. Flip over the blocks to paint the bottom part.

Let all the blocks to be fully dry.

You could spray clear acrylic to seal your blocks.

Use your blocks when they are completely dry.

How do you make your colored Jenga blocks slide better?

The Polyurethane on sprayed blocks and the Clear acrylic spray used for the blocks painted using acrylic paints could make the Jenga blocks slide better.

You could also use a special satin finish or apply coats of natural wax to make the surface slippery and even to make the blocks slide a lot better.

How do you play Jenga colors?

You could play the classic Jenga or a colored Jenga game.

In each turn, a player would roll the colored dice, and then he or she must remove a piece of the color shown. The colored Jenga also uses the official Jenga rules. Once a piece is successfully pulled, it should be placed on the top level of the stack. Pieces could only be removed from the top of the tower once there are at least 3 full rows completed over them.

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