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Can you stop the Jenga tower from falling?


No, you can't stop the Jenga tower from falling at any time. It's either that the tower stays or it collapses. When the tower falls, that signal the end of the game. The last player to pull a block or hold a block before the tower falls losses the game!

You don't manhandle the tower. You could pull out one piece at a time using one hand only. You are not allowed to catch it to keep it from falling or collapsing in the game.

The right way to set up and play Jenga is very easy, and the official rule is likewise very simple to follow.

The first step is to remove the blocks from the package. You must have 54 Jenga blocks.

Then, set-up the tower by stacking the blocks into 3's and parallel to one another. You'll reach up to 18 levels or stories high.

Each level should be stacked at a 90-degree angle from the previous level.

Make sure that you have a straight tower. It should be neatly stacked and stable.

Two or more players could join the game.

The game could begin now. The player that would go first could be the one who built the tower or could be decided by all the players.

Each player takes their turns in removing a block. They need to carefully choose a block to pull from any level except the very top. Check the blocks and find the ones that seem loose or easier to pull out. The rule states that you could only use one hand at a time, although you could switch using your hands.

You place a block that you pulled on top of the tower in the 90-degree angle pattern and layered in the set of 3's.

Players should stack each new block neatly to be sure of the stability of the tower.

The Players keep on going until the tower falls. They would continue to remove and place the blocks on top of the tower until it collapses. The player that caused the tower to fall is the loser.

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