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How big are Giant Jenga Blocks?


Giant Jenga also has 54 precision-crafted premium hardwood. The authentic Jenga's biggest set of giant Jenga is the Jenga Giant JS7 that could be stacked over 5 feet tall.

In Giant Jenga, each block measures  7.15" X 2.38" X 1.43". It's under 26" tall at setup and can stack to five feet high in play.

Each of the blocks needs to be as long as 3 blocks wide. The first layer is 3 blocks placed side to side, followed by another layer of 3 that is turned 90 degrees and placed on top of the last row. After all the blocks are stacked, you'll have a tower that's 18 levels high.

The blocks in Giant Jenga are much bigger; hence they're much heavier. You must practice utmost care, especially if you're playing with your kids.

Rules are the same as in classic Jenga.

How big are Jenga blocks?

The classic Jenga blocks are three times as long as its width, and one fifth as thick as its length and measures 1.5×2.5×7.5 cm. and also has 54 premium blocks.

While Giant Jenga is the perfect backyard summer game or an indoor game with enough space with each block is 7.12 inches long, 2.38 inches wide, and 1.38 inches tall.

How big is a Jenga block?

The authentic Jenga by Hasbro comes in the classic size, Jenga XXL, Giant Jenga at over 3 feet, over 4 feet, and the largest is over 5 feet when fully stacked. The sizes would vary depending on the size.

How big are Jenga pieces?

Classic Jenga - 1.5×2.5×7.5 cm or 0.59 in×0.98 in×3.0 in

Jenga XXL - Foldable cardboard blocks are 3" x 9"

Jenga over 3 feet - 5.7" long x 1.9" wide x 1" high

Jenga over 4 feet - 6" x 2" x 1.2" blocks

Jenga over 5 feet - 7.12 inches long, 2.38 inches wide, and 1.38 inches

DIY Jenga Giant - Using 2x4’s cut at 10-1/2”

There are DIY Jenga Giant that uses  2 x 4's but might be more dangerous to play especially with kids around. The stack gets high, and it could collapse, and the falling blocks could hurt players or bystanders.

You could rub the blocks with a beeswax compound or have a satin finish after sanding the blocks to make them slide and move more easily.

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