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How many blocks are in a Giant Jenga?


The Jenga game requires physical and mental skills with the goal of stacking blocks and avoiding the tower to crumble as you pull a bloc to be placed on the top level. It's one of the most successful games because it offers solid play value.

As the players take their turns to pull-out a block from the tower and put it on top, it makes it taller, but at the same time, it becomes incredibly unstable as the game progresses, and it's where the real challenges begin.

The Giant Jenga is one of the most popular variations of the classic Jenga. The only difference is in size. As the name says it all, it's a larger and bigger Jenga.

Hasbro, the manufacturer of Jenga, offers it in 3 giant sizes. They are one that's over 3 feet when stacked, the next is over 4 feet when stacked, and the largest is over 5 feet when stacked.

Giant Jenga also consists of 54 precision-crafted hardwood blocks. It also needs to be set up the game just like the classic Jenga wherein you need to stack all of the blocks in levels of 3's that are placed next to each other with their long sides and with a 90 right angles to the previous level.

The largest Giant Jenga has blocks measuring 7.15" X 2.38" X 1.43". Each block is nearly 15 times the volume of a classic Jenga block.

The loser of the games is the one who'll make the tower fall. Giant Jenga also has the same official rules as the classic one.

With the Jenga blocks being larger and firmer, players are more likely to achieve 30 levels without difficulty as compared to the classic Jenga. It cod also be played both indoor and outdoor.

This could be more fun and engaging, especially if played by more people and in the backyard.

Just remember that Giant Jenga should be played with players keeping their feet on the ground at all times. No standing on tables, chairs, ladders, or stools when playing this game.

Children below 12  years old should not be allowed near the tower during play. You should also never leave a stacked Giant Jenga unattended. Be sure that no delicate things, glasses, and anything that could break in the playing area to avoid anything bad happening when the Jenga Giant tower eventually collapses.

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