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How do you play Jenga?


Jenga's inventor Leslie Scoot must be very happy that Jenga has come a long way since it was launched and introduced in the market in 1983 at the London Toy Fair and Toronto Toy Fair in 1986.

Jenga is a simple yet overly enjoyable game that would put your real-time stacking and building decision skills to the test in every game.

The premium quality wooden blocks are made from hardwood from Alder trees that abundantly grow on the West side of the Cascade Mountains in the states of Washington and Oregon.

Each of the blocks measures 1.5×2.5×7.5 cm, which is three times as long as its width, and one fifth as thick as its length. Jenga consists of 54 precision-crafted blocks.

What is the object of the game in Jenga?

Jenga is a block-building game, and the blocks need to be stacked tall in a stable structure, and each player needs to pull a block out during their turn and to place it to the highest level. The tower becomes less steady and stable as it gets taller, and your goal is not to make the tower fall. The player who pulls out a block and that caused the tower to fall loses the game.

The Set-up

You need a table or a place to set-up the Jenga blocks that have a flat and even surface. Start stacking the blocks to form a tower. Stack the blocks in sets of 3's until you finish building a tower with 18 levels or stories in it.

Each new layer of three parallel blocks should be rotated 90° along the horizontal axis from the previous layer.

The Rules of Jenga

The Jenga rules state that:

Each player should only take one block at a time using one hand from any level of the tower except the one below an incomplete top level.

The pulled block should be placed at the topmost level and should have three blocks completed by the players on it before proceeding to the next level.

The game is over at any point that the tower collapses or if any block falls from the tower aside from the block, a player is removing from the tower.

Who goes first in Jenga?

The player who stacked the Jenga tower should go first, or all the players could decide who would go first. They could draw lots, and whoever picked with 1 written on it could go first.

It could also be who's the oldest, the youngest, or whatever the players would come up with.

How to do you play Jenga?

Using only one hand at the duration of the, take one block each in your turn from any tower level but not the one below an incomplete top level. Place the block at the topmost level of the Jenga tower. The next player's turn begins after 10 seconds or whenever they touch the tower, whichever might come first.

Whoever makes the tower to crumble and fall loses!

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