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How high could Jenga go?


Jenga has been consistent throughout the years as one of the most played games of all time. It could be mainly for the reason that it’s so simple, yet it teaches us a lot, and it’s super fun.

All you need to play it are the wooden blocks and your right moves and a lot of luck with gravity. Some say you’re lucky enough if you reach the 30th level in the classic Jenga.

The higher the Jenga tower becomes, the more it becomes unstable and wobbly. The highest recorded level it reached is at 40 2⁄3 levels courtesy of Robert Grebler from the US in 1985.

There is an analysis that with 54 blocks and with possible moves from 102 to 105, it’s not impossible to reach the 52nd level or, better yet, the 54th level. But it is yet to happen at this point.

What makes Jenga exciting is even though they are cut to be of the same size there are no two wooden blocks are cut to precisely the same dimensions. This only means that the blocks rest on each other uniqueness.

And because of this predicament, a good tip is to look for the loose pieces that would be much easier to remove without disturbing the balance and stability of the tower. If a piece is loose, then you know it won’t be a load-bearing block.

The tower becomes unstable in the process of removing and pulling the blocks from the levels below the topmost one. There is no longer equal weight distribution in the tower since it becomes a top-heavy tower. But then again, that’s the tricky and exciting challenge of this iconic game.

Leslie Scott had invented a great game that looks simple but provides a lot of wise gameplay and complexities that unfolds each game. There could be no two Jenga game that could be ever alike in moves, and how it begins, would be played, and how it would end.

That’s how wonderful and unpredictable Jenga is!

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