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How to make Jenga blocks slide easy?


Jenga is played with 54 hardwood blocks, and each block needs to be as long as 3 blocks wide perpendicularly. The first layer of the tower is 3 blocks that are laid side to side to one another. This is followed by another layer of 3 blocks that are needed to be in the 90 degrees angle and should be placed on top of the previous row.

The blocks are stacked to complete the 18 layers tall. Jenga has its very own distinct characteristics. The blocks are made in one size, but it has a result of having slight differences in them. The Jenga blocks also have their texture as it would make the game more fun and exciting.

The players might have a harder time removing, pulling, or pushing the blocks because of these two issues.

There are some things you could do to make your Jenga blocks slide better.

You could apply candle wax, satin finish solution, or Polyurethane to the blocks.

Start the process by sanding your blocks lightly using fine sandpaper. You could also check if by just sanding, your blocks could slide better. If not, this would give your blocks a smoother surface, and you could continue with the rest of the application. Wipe all the blocks with a cloth. Feel free to choose the material that you’ll be using. Let it dry completely, and you might have to do this procedure from time to time to maintain your block’s being slippery enough.

Applying several coats of natural wax could make the surface of each block slippery and even.

Jenga, the original game in which players stack blocks and then try to remove them without toppling the tower, has captured the hearts of many players, and it would continue to charm its way to the coming generations.

Do the Jenga way and slide those wooden blocks easily for the win!

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