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How to deflate a pool float?


Pool floats contribute to a lot of outdoor fun in the pool. Mostly are inflatables that need to be blow-up, usually using a pump or to inflate it manually.

These floats are perfect to lounge around the pool to have a very relaxing day and also a great way to enjoy playing in your pool.

There are several ways to inflate your pool float, as well as deflating it.

After using your pool float, you need to deflate it for storing or if you need to clean it.

Here are the best ways to deflate your pool floats.

Use a binder clip

The fastest way to deflate your pool float is with the help of a binder clip. It would be such a useful and helpful thing to deflate your pool float. Just use your binder clip to deflate your float by applying pressure to its valve. It would allow the air in your pool float to come out faster and easier. You could use both hands to press the air out from your pool float.

Use a drinking straw

All you need to do is to stick a drinking straw to your pool float’s opening in its stem valve.  It would hold the valve open to let all the air come out very easily.

Just make sure that your straw won’t go inside your pool float or goes flying out when you start to push out the air.

Deflate your float using your electric pump

Using your electric pump to deflate your pool float by also placing its nozzle in the valve as you did when you inflated it. Except for this time, you need to change the setting and move its hose into the deflating section. An electric air pump has dual usage both for inflation and deflation of inflatables.

Use a foot pump

If you’re using a foot pump just step on your foot pump as you did to pump up your pool float as this would suck all the air out. Foot pumps are also designed to be used for inflating and deflating purposes for your pool floats.

After Thoughts

Kids and adults alike love to swim on a summer day to feel refreshed and to cool off. They could stay in the pool for hours, and floats are so worth it to have around. You could just relax and chill and enjoy your float.

Amazingly, people who love pool floats would really find the best and fastest way for them to inflate and deflate it. This is where their ability to blow up their floats and deflate them before storing them takes center stage.

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