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Can I use bleach in a kiddie pool?


Keeping a kiddie pool clean could be the easiest task if you know what to do to clean it conveniently. Kids love being in their kiddie pool as much as possible, and this would cause the water to get dirty.

One of the dependable go-to is right in your home. Yes, you can use your regular bleach at home. A reliable and dependable one is Clorox regular bleach.

With Clorox's recommendation, you could use around 8 drops of its bleach per gallon to sanitize the water sufficiently. To simplify it, use 1/8 cup for every 100 gallons in your kiddie pool. Know how much gallons of water your kiddie pool has and be guided accordingly as to how much you need to put in.

If you're not changing your kiddie pool's water regularly, then you need to disinfect it, and bleach would be a great help to do so.

You only need to add only enough bleach to a kiddie pool to maintain its chlorine between 1 and 2 parts per million (PPM). You need to test the ph levels that should be between 7.2 and 7.8, to ensure the water is safe for the little ones.

It's best to only use the regular unscented bleach.

Can you put bleach in a kiddie pool?

Of course, Bleach is convenient, safe with the proper dosage, cheaper, and very easy to use. It might not be as strong as chlorine, but it does its job to sanitize and to kill the algae in your kiddie pool.

If you put bleach in your kiddie pool, do remember that it could be used again only after three days.

Bleach offers a lot of benefits to your kiddie pool.

  • By using bleach, you could skip the addition of a stabilizer
  • It is safer than chlorine tabs
  • It sanitizes and disinfects your kiddie pool
  • Bleach is not as expensive as liquid chlorine
  • It also oxidizes ammonia and other wastes
  • Bleach is the perfect cleaner for Green algae that are not resistant to chlorine

After Thoughts

It's truly wonderful to know that our ordinary Clorox in the house could be a great help in cleaning a kiddie pool. It's the most convenient and easiest way to clean it and perhaps also the cheapest way.

Let your kids enjoy swimming in their safe kiddie pool courtesy of bleach!

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