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Best Toy Fridges and Freezers


Best Toy Fridges and Freezers

Give your child memorable and fun-filled growing-up with a play kitchen with a toy fridge and freezer.

Play kitchens have always been one of the most popular children's toys that give so many wonderful memories. They started being made from plastic and evolved to other options that even include modular kitchen, modern kitchen, and a full range of play kitchens that include all the utensils and accessories that could even match a real kitchen in their awesome designs.

Any play kitchen wouldn't be complete without any fridge and freezer in it.

What are the advantages and benefits of play kitchens?

There are several reasons why play kitchens are very beneficial to kids. It doesn't only offer a lot of fun playing but also provides a lot of learnings for the kids. Here are the notable benefits of the play kitchen.

  • It teaches and promotes teamwork among kids – Kids are very happy and excited when playing with other kids or their siblings. The play kitchen is the best toy for them to learn about teamwork as each one of them could help with doing their specific task during play.
  • It's a great training ground for the kids to be organized - It would teach the children about organizing things and putting them into their proper places.
  • It teaches kids to be responsible for their things - The play kitchen would help in the value formation in kids that they should be responsible for their belongings, and they should take care of them. It would also teach them to clean after they're finished using the things. They would carry these learnings as they grow-up.
  • It helps kids to know more about numbers - With all the things and food in a play kitchen, the kids would progress in their counting skills. When they pretend to cook or serve the food, they will encounter how many ingredients or vegetables are needed in them.
  • It boosts the social development in kids - It's like acting in a real-life scenario when the kids play pretend play. You get to interact a lot and get along with others in the process. Kids would learn to convey and express themselves plus to develop relating to others.
  • It teaches the kids that sharing is caring - In playing in a play kitchen, the kids would learn to share food and tools with their playmates or siblings. This is a positive trait they could carry on for the rest of their lives.
  • Play kitchens enhance self-expression and freedom of play - Kids learn to express themselves better as they learn to communicate better with others while at play. They could effectively relay their messages across while in a team. Their creativity and fun are unmeasurable as they have the freedom to play with the toys and explore on their own.

These benefits are essential for a healthy and happy child with lots of optimism and fun while growing-up.

Here are some of the best kitchen toy set with a fridge to complete the most exciting playtime in the kitchen.

Age Recommendation
Made from what materials
What's included
Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen
24 months - 6 years
Non-toxic plastic
Stovetop, double oven, refrigerator with built-in water dispenser, coffeemaker with pods, microwave, double sink, faux-granite countertop, chalkboard, accessories set
Reasonably priced
Dalimi TOYTRON, Fridge Toy for Kids, Toy Refrigerator
3 months and up
Non-toxic plastic
Fridge with water dispenser, cups, and ice cubes
KidKraft Large Kitchen, Pastel
36 months - 3 years
MDF, PVC, T-Molding
Clock, stove, oven, microwave, sink, and refrigerator
Reasonably priced
Teamson Kids - Retro Play Kitchen with Refrigerator, Freezer, Oven and Dishwasher
36 months - 7 years
MDF, metal, and plastic.
Refrigerator, freezer, oven, phone, and dishwasher
Reasonably priced
Little Tikes Bake ‘N Grow Kitchen
18 months - 5 years
Non-toxic plastic
Oven, burner, refrigerator, microwave. and 25 accessories

Kitchen Toy Set with Fridge

Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen

Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen | Durable Kids Kitchen Playset with Lights & Sounds | Tan Plastic Play Kitchen

This Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen is the perfect start-up play kitchen with a fridge for your young budding chef in the making. It's designed for kids from 2 years old to 6 years of age.

Its colors are very subtle and pleasing to the eyes. It's not loud or over-powering at all. It's a charming set with modern white windowed cabinets and white double ovens perfect for whipping up those gourmet menus, and it has realistic cooking sounds and lights, taking care to cook fresh ingredients right out of the fridge. Kids could also brew some coffee from the single-pod coffee maker and coffee pot, using the pass-through window to serve and entertain.

It's a complete package that includes a molded-in sink area to wash the dishes and put everything away in the storage bins, cabinets, and on the hanging rack in this wonderful play kitchen.

Made in the USA and it's a very durable and non-toxic set for those awesome pretend kitchen play.


  • This is a great kitchen for kids from 2 to 6 years old
  • The color is perfect because it's neutral and matches everything
  • Price is right
  • The instructions easy to read
  • The assembly does not take long
  • Super quality set that's nice and heavy


  • The assembly might be somewhat difficult for some since the holes are not predrilled at all

Where to buy:

Toy Refrigerator for Toddlers

Dalimi TOYTRON, Fridge Toy for Kids, Toy Refrigerator

Dalimi TOYTRON, Fridge Toy for Kids, Toy Refrigerator, Pretend Play Toy Kitchen with Ice Cube Dispenser, Pink Toy for Toddlers Ages 3 Years and up

This Dalimi Fridge toy is a super cute toy refrigerator for toddlers. It comes complete with a lot of food items that include cups and ice cubes too. The fridge could be decorated with stickers that are included in the package.

It's truly an exciting fridge toy that could load ice cubes into the freezer and drop them out to fill the cup, and it lights up when it's opened; that would require 2 X AAA batteries.

It was made in Korea with non-toxic, safe materials that passed the USA and European safety certification standards.

It's a complete toy refrigerator set that's perfect for both boys and girls.


  • You could decorate the fridge with adorable puffy stickers
  • Put ice cubes on the inside of the fridge door
  • Kids could push the lever with the cup to dispense ice cubes
  • The fridge lights up when the door opens
  • You can keep tasty food inside
  • The side door could be penned for milk and juice


  • Expensive

Where to buy:

Wooden Toy Kitchen with Fridge

KidKraft Large Kitchen, Pastel

KidKraft Large Kitchen,Pastel

This KidKraft Large Kitchen is attractively colored in pastel hues. It's from Kidscraft, a prolific toy manufacturer of awesome toy products.

It's a large kitchen set that includes a refrigerator, freezer, oven, cabinet, and microwave with doors that open and close. Other interesting features are an oven and sink knobs that could be clicked and turned.

There's more; the sink is removable for easy cleaning, there's also a cordless phone with a hands-free clip, convenient storage above and below the sink, and see-through doors on the oven and microwave.

This large kitchen has a sturdy construction that's made of wood.


  • This is a great kitchen to keep the children busy and happy
  • It has lots of functions to pretend play
  • The kitchen is very sturdy and made from wood
  • The finished product is beautiful and interactive
  • It offers creative fun for the kids


  • Assembly might be time-consuming for a few

Where to buy:

Wooden Toy Fridge Freezer

Teamson Kids - Retro Play Kitchen with Refrigerator, Freezer, Oven and Dishwasher

Teamson Kids - Retro Play Kitchen with Refrigerator. Freezer. Oven and Dishwasher - Pink (1 Pcs)

This Teamson retro play kitchen is made from eco-friendly MDF, some metal, and plastic components. Its fridge has two doors, and one is for the freezer, has a thermometer, and chalkboard panel plus a cordless phone to encourage more imaginative role-playing.

The stove also has a toy clock, three oven doors, two burners, a removable stainless steel sink, and three knobs that could be turned and clicked. It has a pretty good size to it, and multiple children could play.

This kitchen set is designed for kids from 3 years old and above.


  • It's a super cute kitchen and of very good quality
  • Very easy directions
  • You'll love all the details and the chalkboard
  • Well-built, good and sturdy product
  • The details are awesome
  • It has a pretty pastel pink color


  • Some of the latches on the doors might not fit together very well, and assembly might be quite challenging for some

Where to buy:

Pink Toy Kitchen with Fridge

Little Tikes Bake ‘N Grow Kitchen

Little Tikes Bake ‘N Grow Kitchen – (Amazon Exclusive)

This Little Tikes Bake ‘N Grow Kitchen is an expandable one, and even its height could be adjusted. It's predominantly pink in color with a touch of Little tikes trademark colors of blue and red.

It's a super cute compact kitchen set that comes with 25 accessories to it. The set comes with an oven, burner, refrigerator, and microwave with doors that could be opened and closed.

Your kid would enjoy this realistic kitchen playset that would grow with her. It's for kids from 1 ½ year old to 5 years old.


  • The set is lightweight and very easy to put together
  • It could be transitioned from a short counter to a taller counter
  • It's expandable
  • It comes with plenty of kitchen supplies to keep your little one entertained
  • The accessories are perfect


  • The sound of the kitchen might not have work for some

Where to buy:

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