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How to blow up a pool float with your mouth?


There are still people left that would love to inflate their pool floats using their lung power. Blowing up a pool float using their mouth seems to be more challenging or rather more fulfilling for them.

It gives them the satisfaction to be able to inflate a pool float without the help of anything at all. And it is a possible and achievable feat.

If you’re one of those awesome that would love to blow up your float, just follow these lead for the right way to do it.

Get your pool float and lay it on a table or which way you’re comfortable. Find the valve stem and face it in your direction.

Grab the valve stem and pull it up using your thumb and index finger. Then open its cap.

Put the valve stem into your mouth and start blowing air into it. Continue to blow it until its firm. You could test it by pressing your hand. Don’t over-inflate it, though.

Close the cap of the valve stem to secure it. Then push the valve stem down into your pool float.

Remember to use your index finger or your thumb to the closed stem and push it firmly to be able to slide the valve stem back into your pool float.

What are the advantages of using your mouth to blow up your pool float?

Some people start inflating with smaller floats until they do some bigger ones next using their mouths. Do you know that there are health benefits when you blow your float using your breath?

  • It increases lung capacity, even those with asthma and chronic bronchitis, and even getting healed from it.
  • Blowing up your float could make you healthier
  • It’s a means of exercising the lungs

After Thoughts

It’s isn’t that hard or bad after all to blow up your float using your mouth. A lot of people still do it up to this day. It makes them happy and accomplished after, and that’s what truly matters!

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