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Does water ruin kinetic sand?


Table of Contents:

Kinetic sand is coated beach sand, and its thick and viscous coating's function is to help the sand stick together, which makes it easy to cut and molded without the mess. This is one cool sand that looks like wet sand.

Kids would love to mold, shape, and squish it as it never dries out, and they could reshape it again and again.

The uniqueness of kinetic sand is in its mesmerizing material, which can be squeezed, manipulated in your hands that feels silky, and would be enjoyable for kids and adults as well.

Water would not ruin kinetic sand, although it's sensitive to humidity and water. It's very flexible as you could revive it if it gets dry due to humidity by putting a few drops of water using an eyedropper. Knead it and mix it.

And if your kinetic sand accidentally gets wet, you just need to air dry it until it's back to its original state.

Water should be avoided in your kinetic sand as it would stick to surfaces if it's wet. Just ensure you store it in a container with a lid when not in use.

After Thoughts

There's no need to worry if your kinetic sand gets wet. It could be remedied by simply spreading it out on a flat surface to dry, and it will return to its original state. That's how amazing it is!

Kinetic sand is truly a remarkable toy that feels cool and damp but isn't really wet. Everyone would be hooked on the texture of Kinetic Sand that is so soft and silky. Nothing compares to it as it feels like it is flowing through your fingertips.

Make your kid see and feel the wonderful difference of kinetic sand that brings so much joy and lots of happy times for him or her!

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